Saturday, June 28, 2008

"I'm With the Stinking Aliens"

On one hand the government tries to tell the American public their is no such thing as "Aliens". On the other hand they tell the American citizens they are, stinking up to no good. This is the way things are done in America government, lies to cover lies. Keep hearing rumors the U.N. is going to make some kind of statement concerning the "Alien" agenda. Also rumors that the American government is trying to slow this process down. Do you wonder why this is happening? When you look at Americas past deeds you can clearly see a pattern of lies and deception starting from day one. From killing off 11 million native Americans, Slavery, Tuskegee airman, all the fucking wars, to modern day elections, etc., their is no truth to be found in any of the words. Broke every treaty they ever made with the native Americans, they stole their native lands and resources. Stealing money from every American as I type. Then constantly tell you how fucking free you are, while you are saying pledge of allegiance to the American flag. ( pure paganism ) While you throw in a prayer to a "God" you must fear. Your basically saying, keep fucking me over, I didn't even notice. (I know I've distancing myself from the clones long ago.) Listen to the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag", hear what you have committed your self to. One "God", ( the one they have picked for you) with liberty and justice for all. (unless your black or poor). You have pledged your self to death for these so called freedoms. The freedom to be taxed and sent off to fight rich peoples wars, hee, haw!!! I better say some word about George Carlin since he died since my last letter. Found some old interview of George with Art Bell on You Tube. Didn't know he was a UFO believer, although he had never seen one. Made famous the seven words you couldn't say on TV, with a Supreme Court ruling. The interview was in 1999 and they where talking about the fears of the clock turning to 2000. Makes you realize how now days, every little thing gets so blown up. (breaking news, bull shit) Listening to the interview made me wonder if I could trust Art Bell. He's a good fear monger him self. All the secrecy in his life to prop him up as a fighter for the little mans rights to knowledge. Problem is, who's knowledge? Is this just more of the same propaganda with a different label. Listen long enough to some one's words and in their is the truth (tones) Learned from George that the average beef eater is walking around with 10 pounds of toxic beef in the stomach that takes 12 days to pass. Do wonder why America is the cancer capital of the World? Those cows are so loaded with female hormones, that female children are born with breast. (Killing off a generation of Americans, your government says no problem. Didn't you say, "pledge of Allegiance to the flag and the country for which it stands for".) Carlin was the one of the main voices of the Hippie movement. His thoughts and words where only what a generation of people collectively thought. That was that "Space and Time". He wasn't the creator, as now one was, it was a collective thought that Most American kids then had in their collective DNA. Hopefully this was the beginning of the Aquarian age. And now mankind is at his lowest moment in history, a waiting their collective deaths. It appears mankind has chosen death, and he will be rewarded. With death comes a rebirth that takes place, like a Forrest after a fire. Carlin recognized this years ago, that's why he also disassociated himself from the rest of mankind. Saying like me, you cats are over their, I'm over here. Maybe his job was done or couldn't handle his wife's death, "God" only knows. He did his part to jump start a World, that their is an alternative way, than constant waring. Unforuntaly lessons where lost with the constant propaganda message being pumped out in a modern World of Madison Avenue. And now mankind is back where George Carlin stood 50 years ago. The human race cannot seem to develop beyond this level of stupidity, control over others at all levels. Maybe George said, fuck it, I can't watch this any more. Like the Chief of Old Oribia did 10 years ago, when he moved from the village. Simple lost faith in the people he lived with and their backward ways, they though where progressing them self's. Once again mankind has reached their level of decadence, and George Carlin recognized it. George was smart in the ways of the Universe and how Nature works. I'd hate to think he was killed off, because of his views. Problem America is the Cat with the biggest gun, mentality. When Bush said your either with us or against us, he wasn't kidding. You got a worthless vote, he's got killers working for him. Maybe George Carlin's death was a reminder to everyone, just how far America has slipped in the last 7 years. He would be the first to tell you, it sure didn't take long to get here. "God" bless you George Carlin for all the great comedy over the quick years that have passed, it didn't take long, did it. Found a couple of good sites, The Black Vault, and UFOS over Amazing how many photos Jeff Willes has taken of UFOs over Phoenix in recent years. This is truly a hot bed of activity. Maybe Silvia Brown will get something rite, and Phoenix will have the first contacts with the "Aliens" here. Put me in coach I'm ready to play today, center field. bye PS I'll take the "Aliens" in the 4th race, on horse number 7.

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