Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Stoned Young White Boys"

Rock and roll music today seems to be white trash screaming words they don't under stand. You would think with all this pent up anger they would be on the streets protesting like my generation did during Vietnam. Not going to happen, they are all bark with no bite. Too brain washed to even know they are brain washed. Their music tells them their rebels, but their just stoned white boys, all talk. (screaming) Wimps to those around them and to the government, just where they want them, stoned. The Hippie generation would get stoned and head to the streets in protest. Now it's get stoned and talk shit, but never lift a finger in protest. The Lamb has laid down for the killing. And the government has commenced the killing of the Lamb, one by one. Lead them down the path of poor eating habits and chemicals in all they eat, drink or breath. Taught them to accept their lies, with out question. (Bush's WMDs, Hillary lies about being shot at) Now you have a generation of malnutrition kids that are easy prey. As more and more people are becoming more and more enlightened daily. The now generation, screams along with their music, like Coyotes at the Moon. Now people are starting to be more cautious of what they see and hear from the media and government. The enlightened "Aliens" are finally getting their due. 80% of the country is against the war, as oppose to 80% being for it just a few years ago. Over half the country and the Catholics believing their are "Aliens". Over 15 million individuals in America now have had sightings. But nothing changes. Bush ordered 30,000 troops to Iraq, as his generals requested. (if you believe that, I've got land ---) Their is no democracy and their never was. 4 out of 5 Americans want the war to wind down, but nothing happens. Your vote didn't mean a thing, simply a "Dog and Pony" show for the brain washed citizens of America. "Time" has come for the good, educated, American people to separate themselves from the government that rest of the World hates and now even the citizens of America. Don't be a backer for murder through out the World, in the name of Americas 'better interest'. That 'better interest' is the guys at the top of the food chain, not Joe average, paying $4.00 a gallon for gas. More and more people I talk to seem to be noticing the same subtle little changes I've been watching for years. It's like the story of the Jewish businessman, who keep cheapening up his product so much, that one day he has no product. That is what has happen to all media on all levels. Doesn't matter if it's politics, news, music, TV programs, movies, it's just one big propaganda lie with commercials thrown in. From the heathens that present it, to the heathens that by into the propaganda, just no subject matter any more, only lies. ('and if your dumb enough', line) And where is Americas youth, when it's really needed, stoned and to tired from malnutrition. Roll over lamb, so I can see your throat better and the lamb rolls over.(Tim Russert) Now that a generation of stoned white boys have been eliminated from the battle for mind control, who is left. It appears the "Aliens" seem to be making some noise now. (Crop Circles and sightings) The Hippie generation still throwing punches, along with their children, but not their grand children. You have the old guard, (big business and military), the ignorant and stoned young white boys on one side. The "Aliens" and the rest of the World on the other side. One sides got all the money and guns with no brains, the other side has all the brains with no money or guns. (My bet would be on the latter.) Once you let go of the money, no one has control over you. Pretty simple idea, but try and convenience people of that. (sound like something rite from any religion's bible) Not to go live in a tent, but to start getting priorities in the correct order. Mankind is suppose to be above the mentality of the animals, but with some of the basic instincts. The problem mankind has not separated them self from the animals but instead went further down on the social level. Animals don't torture or try to control other animals, this is left for the lowest form on the Planet Earth, Mankind. The only animal on Earth capable of destroying it's own home, while it lives in it. (like using a corner of your living room for a rest room with no plumbing) Stoned young white boys with all their tattoos are a good example of this. Clutter for the sake of clutter, cluttered up World, with bodies cluttered up with tattoos. (All purity has been taken a tumble, when with the body "God" has given you, you have decided to clutter it with clutter for clutter sake.) Tattoos represent how America has taken a shape turn for the worst. Show how little respect the kids of now have for anything, even their own "God" given body. Show the power controllers how much power they have over the minds of a generation they of kids. Got an entire generation dressed up like black basketball players, baggy pants, tattoos and all. Simple and effective mind control, something they don't have over the Baby Boomers generation. They will try and get them with their medicines as they age, then steal their money. If they have the now generation under mind control will the Americans ever be free mentally? Like with the Catholic from the past, will all old knowledge and writings be wiped off the face of the Earth. Just as the government and NASA wiped out all the old footage of the Moon landings. Same reason building #7 had to come down on 911, to covering up other lies. This is all to sad too watch from the side lines, with a few other educated folks standing hopelessly by, like a train wreak happening in front of your eyes. (no way to run a railroad story) This is what it is, it's all being shoved down your throats. You have no control over the what the government chooses to do to you. The past seven years have enlightened a generation of America how controlled they have been. Bush showed the under belly of American to the citizens of America and the World. Bush and his band of thieves thought the World was as ignorant as then selves. Now can the country and World reverse these sins against mankind by the Bush's of the World? (where is Rumsfeld?) Don't be counting on the now generation, their all just "Stoned Young White Boys" talking crap, hanging out. bye

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