Monday, June 30, 2008

"Just Who Do you Trust"

Can't trust any national media, can't trust the brain washed citizens. All the UFO net and radio shows are starting to sound like the same old bull shit. Looks like I'm going back to good old mister reliable, the other cat that lives in my head and thoughts. You can learn a lot about the World on the Net, but the real truths lye in your head. Damn hard to pick out the honest interviewer from the old fashion government plant. The more and more I listen to interviews on Coast to Coast the more Leary I'm getting. The real kicker happened when I wanted to listen to Ed Grimsley talk about his UFO sighting with his Night Vision goggles. Before the interview one of the host read the news, that it's self is questionable. Who determined what news to read, or what was news, no story about all the dying in Iraq by the civilians or the cost of the war in money and suffering to others. He is where the bull shit hits the fan with Coast to Coast. The interviewer reads a story that said some school nurseries where feeding their children to pure of a diet. (even that I question) Said it turns out the children need fat and fast foods so they will grow up healthy. What a bunch of bull shit, for the same reason if I went down to Micky D and had a big Mack. I'd puke my guts outs, what a fucking moron for even reading the story. The same bull shit you expect from the local and national news net works. Oh well, put Coast to Coast to in the same box with all the other bull shit media. Down to the simple, people with the strange things that have happened to them. (the people from Stephenville, is a good example) Not some fat cat with an agenda and a degree. (people put to much faith in people just because they have a degree) Anytime their is money to be made from the story, I'm thinking. Ed Grimsley just wanted people to be aware, what you could see. Visit to see some of his videos. If you got three thousands dollars laying around, you can buy a generation 3 of night vision goggles. (only ones that work) He believes what he is seeing are battles going on between the "Aliens". That scenario seems to fit quite well with a lot of ancient writings. The "Hopi" have these stories well documented in their stories and Dances. Hopi stories tell of great battles going on in Space that protect the citizens of the Earth. The Hopi knew their where Black Holes in Space, they called them the Planet that sucked, enough said. bye I'll finish this thought tomorrow.

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