Friday, July 4, 2008

"4 July 08"

"Time" to be a patriot, (or else) George Bush told America, with the speech, "your with us or against us". Commercials laced with lines like, "a Army sniper can" and such. Trying to make the Americans think, they are bred only to conduct war for the wealthy. Fourth of July is like Easter to the Christians. One day a year people act like they really care, for "God" and country. A day to go get drunk and pretend your some great American patriot. Say things like we support the troops, kill them terrorist. Wear your red, white and blue, take your kids to the local fireworks, that's being American. While millions of tax payers dollars are being spent on Forth of July celebrations around the World. Rah, rah, keeping Americas safe from terrorist, as they remind the citizens. Who is going to keep Americas citizens safe from their government? Government letting big business steal and poison the citizens of America. Then expect the citizens to salute the American flag, and die in created wars. Pay some moron low life like Toby Keith, to go write write a song about the Red, White and Blue, (with your tax dollars). All the propaganda in perfect order to keep the citizens under control. Mean while thousands of miles away, lives are being devastated by the American military presence in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Anyone who says thing are any different than what the government propaganda says, is now branded a "Domestic Terrorist". Most of Americas citizens don't agree with the direction the government is taking the country. Does this make then domestic terrorist? Who is going to lock up and guard all these once proud citizens of America. How much control over the citizens does the government really have? What percentage of the populations watches TV as they once did? Is this only the lower forms of uneducated, the ones easily swayed? With all the media options available today, who's listening? Does the government really much care much about what the citizens think anyway? My guess is no, they will do as they please, fuck you and the horse you rode in on, thing. The last election proves my point. Joyce Riley has been branded a Domestic Terrorist for her fight to help the veterans of Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq wars. Dr. Ruth sent in some blood samples to the federal government for examination and the Feds came to her door. They said she was sending toxic materials in the mail. She had been dusted by a Chem-Trail and wanted to know what was in her blood. (Bush wasn't kidding with that, " your either with us, or against us" crap). All the stops have been pulled out to try and cover Bush and his thieves as they leave office. Congress has helped with the cover up to 911 and the rest. For all theses American citizens out their who believe 911 was an inside job, you are now a Domestic Terrorist. Just remember to go out a celebrate the 4 of July and keep your mouth shut. You don't want to get labeled a Domestic Terrorist.

Here in Arizona where having record setting temperatures, while back East their having record setting floods. The metro Phoenix area on the average has only about ten days a year over 110 degrees. The metro area went flying by that number this summer. My plants are suffering and in the last few years some died from the heat. Now only certain types of plants survive these many days of intense heat. Had to give up on my garden I had growing, plants couldn't survive day after day of over 110 degrees. Who knows for sure if it''s global warming or the pollutants in the air, things have change quickly. This intense heat only started a few years ago. Up till then I could keep a garden going in the summer months.

It's is not a good "Time" to be living in America or any where else. With all the environmental problems and the high cost of energy, you'd think some thing has to give. A few things that have given, the freeways are much more open now. Buses are jammed, when once they where empty. People staying home, planning their trips now. Air appears to be getting a little better. When you go to lunch, places are less crowded. The by product of all this, jobs are being lost. Where are the powers at be, taking all these new changes, more control? Yep these are not the good old days, these are the bad "Times", brought to you, through the lip service of G.W.. bye PS Think how much has change since 911, is these the New World Order?

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