Saturday, July 5, 2008

"NASA and the Truth"

Always a believer in once you lie to me, I have to think about every word you say. From Vietnam on, things the government tells me, I now must question. NASA being a part of the government leaves them in that category of, can't be trusted. Never trusted the fact, America landed on the Moon, now can I trust photos from Mars and Hubble? Found Richard Hoagland on You Tube talking about the lies that are being told by NASA now. Richard uses the Face on Mars as an example, like Roswell, here today gone tomorrow. I remember the Face stories being spread like it was yesterday. Typical government, one day it was a Flying saucer, and a Face, next day it was a weather balloon, it was never their. (still trying to cover up Roswell, by throwing some dummies out of a airplane on the anniversary of Roswell, a few years back, funny stuff) Like so many folks like Richard Hoagland, listen an make your own decisions. Some stuff is dead on, while others, I don't know.
A firm believer that Van Allen's radiation belt, keeps space travel limited. America says it has been to the Moon, but yet the Shuttle is no more than a low altitude bus. NASA has only be semi successful with Moon landings, what does that say about NASA's abilities. A simple task to put a bunch of fire crackers on some round tubes and blast an amazing 150 miles into space. But sending men to the Moon and back in the sixties seems improbable. Go look at a 1968 Ford car, tell me same country sent men to the Moon. NASA is more Hollywood and thievery, than actual go power. Letting the public see what they want them to see. Just like the disappearance of all the footage from the Moon landings. NASA steals from the great minds like Tesla and Von Braun. But they themselves are just another governmental bureaucracy stealing American tax payers dollars, then telling lies. (CYA)
NASA must surely has tons of footage of UFOs, with all their missions into space. Look how much is out their now, alone. Yet never a word about the "Alien" presence from NASA. Now which part of NASA do I start trusting, starting with the Moon landing. Think I can trust the earlier things, like Americas first orbit around the Earth, or setting speed and altitude records with Bell X-1. Chuck Yeager and those pioneers, but how much is a dog and pony show now. To easy to steal money from the public, then put on a movie about the great event.
Is mankind's role in space being limited by the "Aliens"? Is mankind aloud to go no further than Yuma. (the Orbiter) The Shuttle's life is about to come to an end in 2010. What is their after that in terms of space travel? Private firms aren't aloud to go much over 70 miles up, so that's out. (big brother) Will the Chines and Europeans together with the Russians be the space exploration leaders now? Has Americas citizens been suck dry from the wars and big government? What happened to Bush's bull shit about going back to the Moon, wheres the money coming from?
Now as "Time" changes the availability of information, how much of NASA will be exposed as lies? The classic old line, "Time will tell". You would think for a country that went to the Moon in the sixties, the space program would be much further advance. But, because America didn't go to the Moon, NASA is in the Stone Age with it's old technology of a big ass fire crackers launching some dumb asses a few miles into space. Think of it this way. The car you drive around in, isn't that far removed from Henry Ford's model "T". Same country wants you to think how technically advanced they are, but look where America really stands. America like NASA, is a house of cards, built by thieves. The Russian space program isn't much more advanced. Look at the primitive way the Russians go back and fourth to the Space Orbiter. Strapped some fucking explosives on your ass and send you off into low space orbit. Then bring your ass back the same way they did it in the sixties, on a parachute, wow.
The "Aliens" make NASA and the Russian Space agency seem child like, with their abilities. The people that created mankind, knew someday mankind would advance to this level of incompetence. Then maybe do something stupid in space, or pollute it for others. Mankind appears to have reach that level of incompetence, with nuclear war heads in many countries. This is why mankind hasn't visited the Moon. Mankind doesn't have the ability to advance beyond trying to control others around him. So how could mankind make great advances in technology and space travel? To mankind, knowledge is the ones with the greatest weapon systems and control over their citizens. That's why NASA is just part of the lie, to help control the citizens by making them seem so highly technically advanced. To the Universe, NASA is a puppet with cameras to fool the citizen. bye

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