Sunday, July 6, 2008


Good article in today's paper about the Optimist Club meeting in Gilbert. Problem was, people weren't very optimistic about the future. For the first "Time" in recent history, people feel they have no control over their future. Being an American, meant you always had a fighting chance to improve your living conditions. With the price of everything sky rocketing, you must now manage each dollar, because you don't know when this rapid inflation is going to stop. The gap between the very rich and the rest of the country grows daily. Gas jumped up over $4.00 a gallon over night and shows no signs of receding back down. People watch companies like Bear Sterns go under, then bough up for pennies on the dollar by JP Morgan Chase. The property assets alone, where worth far more than that. Then the American public is left holding the bag for the rest of the debt.

This isn't helping a doom and gloom public feel better about their future. The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are wearing down the American citizens. Their opinions have no weight with people like Bush in power, who acts like a dictator. This was sort of the land of the free, but talk to people today and their not quite so sure any more. The press is so full of bull shit, hardly anyone I talk to has any faith in what they have to say any more. You have a president the World hates, with most of America following along. No matter what the citizens of America want, Bush and his band of thieves do as they please. They must figure, if America is to fucking dumb to notice whats being done to them. Then they will just keep the bull shit going. These greedy morons like Bush and Chaney who have no soul, so their is no stopping them. They live in World of the elitist, verses the rest of mankind. The American citizens being the brown shoes and them the black shoes. So stealing is just a way of doing business as usual for the elitists. Selling the idea to the American people their are simple warrior for the wealthy. Gave them a flag, a national anthem and a "God' of their choice. Then convince the citizens they are under constant attack. A good example of this was in the news lately. A bull shit story about how American cities where not ready for a nuclear attack, who is? Who in the hell is going to attack with nuclear weapons anyway? Ever little Australia has enough nuclear weapons to destroy the World. "God" only hopes the "Aliens" have disarmed all the nuclear war heads.

The networks and written print keeps bombarding the public with negative thoughts. This is just another type of mind control being used by the government, and big business. So if you want to get a little optimistic, turn off the media and select from your own ideas and thoughts, not others. Recreate your self, not what Madison Ave., has in mind for you. The only way to give your self a hand, is to cut the Monster off at the mouth first. It's easy to see how much the media has changed in the past 40 years. Before you could just turn the dial and get fresh programing, now their all the same, pumping out the same old propaganda. Their use to be a bunch of independent media out lets, that's how the hippie movement got rolling. the system not going to let that happen again. So today your down to a hand full of networks, controlling all the news with their brand of propaganda. Mankind has enough bummers to take care of, with out being bombarded with others. For me the news paper is reduced down to, sports, weather and a few other articles. Can't even trust the NASA stories any more in the paper.

Today on this week end of the celebration of Americas so called independence. The real contest comes down to, the control over your own mind. Does your government have the rite to control the mood your in? Well America, that is what exactly they have done to you. You now feel hopelessly out of control over your surrounding environment. You where duped into buying that gas guzzler vehicle with a ancient internal combustion engine invented in the late 1800s. You have been drug into two wars. Their painting the skies with chemical and stealing your tax dollars. See why you have the blues, you have the government blues. Your government put you here, and now you appear to be helpless, (or don't even recognize it,) to fight back. See why Bush and Chaney seem so arrogant. They have just pulled off a giant heist from the American people and their not in jail. To them your mind is under their control and from this side of the street, I'd say, they are rite. So America celebrate your so called freedom and have a beer, your government said you could. bye

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