Saturday, July 12, 2008

"This Life, Your Job"

Just read where Tony Snow had died from cancer at age 53. Far to young to die in this day and age of knowledge about proper dieting and exercise. Their seems to be a pattern developing around those, that are part of the propaganda machine behind Bush's team. Men dieing in their prime, murder or fate? (where is Rumsfeld) Did Snow and Russert sell their souls for a little fame? Would their "Time" have to end, when Bush's "Time" ended, like the magic slipper? People put in place to make sure their is always a rosier picture painted for the public. People like Russert, Snow and all the major network whores, who are telling (selling) the news. Will all those connected to the propaganda machine for Bush, be murdered off. To many tracks to cover from their blatant stupidity? Passing laws to protect the Bush people from prosecution for the War detains in Cuba. I have written before this would have to happen, it has started. America will see if Bush is aloud to live, knowing what he knows. Chaney was a smart man, he stayed in the back ground and directed traffic. When the killing starts he can simply disappear in the back ground from where he came. To many dead people from America and around the World, from Bush, Chaney and his thieves dealings, to let things slide by. Bush and Chaney chose this life to be thieves at any cost. For this life, that was their jobs, no future considerations crossed their greedy minds, a mouth to penis mentality. Bush and Chaney's failures, where getting about as much press as the Catholic church announcing the "Aliens" are here. Maybe this is to end, as their reign of terror is coming to an end. Just maybe, smarter minds will begin to prevail in the future. Is it midnight for the Bush, Chaney gang, the World hopes so?

Bush came along to do his part to destroy the American middle class for the super wealthy. All part of a bigger plan to keep the citizens of America uninformed and under control. As all the classes come together, you only two things, the super wealthy and the rest, mere slaves. That is the game plan, push Americas middle class down the the level of the Mexican immigrant. Not try and raise up the level of the immigrant to a higher standard. Unfortunately America is financially bankrupt and the citizens can't stop the Ebb Tide. This is all much larger than meets the eye. The "Aliens" are trying to rush around to get mankind's attention to thwart this from happening. Trying to keep mankind from losing their souls to a slave master who controls where they live and what they eat. Your freedoms might be limited now, but things could worsen if you let them. Through diet and media, this is how their taking Americas very souls. Turning them into a people, who are always freaked out about some thing. Turn on your TV and the Sky is always falling, turn it off and hear the birds sing. It's all about your mind and who gets it, you or your government? Here again, this is your life, not the man behind the TV. This life, is your job, to keep as pure as you can, while those around you surrendering to life's lower levels.

Tried watching the fourth of July fire works on PBS, but it all seemed to Paganism to watch. Kept thinking about all the suffering America has brought to other nations of the World. Thinking how the soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq and those that have returned have been so fucked over by the military. Thinking how the bastards did the same thing to the Vietnam veterans. Thinking about the kid at a supplier that did two tours of duty, one in Afghanistan and one in Iraq. Thought about the look in his eyes when I brought up some facts concerning Depleted Uranium. Notice how he looked at his hands and said, a lot of the guys are suffering from arthritis. You could tell by the look in his eyes he had seen to much. He was crying what I call Marine Tears, crying on the inside. He knew that the Marines and the government propaganda took his soul at a young age, and now can't give it back to him. As we talked, he said he too, was caught up in all the propaganda after 911. Now he's much smarter, but the wars took a lot out of him. Took away peaceful nights sleep and pleasant thoughts for ever, stole his youth. Told me how hard of a "Time" he was having trying to use his GI home loan to buy his first home. Told him I gave up trying to use mine, he said he was about to. This is how Americas true government works, not the one Russert and Snow talked of. In the end, their both dead. Either by the hand of "God", or those they worked for, I'm thinking murder. I got to shake the kids hand, Snow and Russert are dead. Here again, "This Life, Your Job".

Here are a few good sites I found sense my last letter to the Sky. Shows your how to take normal NASA Mars photos and enhance them to show structures on the surface, with your computer. Ken Klein has a good site called, Gate Way to the Galaxy, that talk about Egypt's pyramids. Another You Tube site that has some good information, seab1david1ryan .

They don't tell me anything, if they would have, I'd probably said no. bye

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