Sunday, July 13, 2008

" Currently Working on My Own Bummers"

Get out, get out, the Iraqi people tell Bush and his generals. Their reply, we haven't fucked your country up enough yet. America generals still have young Americans they have brain washed, they need to kill off. America still has all this nuclear waste to poison Iraqi soil with. Bush and his thieves didn't listen to the American voters almost four years ago, so why listen to the Iraq people now? Bush says he wants democracy for the people of Iraq, yet he doesn't listen to their pleas for independence from the American occupation. Bush has single handily destroyed any credibility the World had about Americas deeds abroad. In many ways, Bush has shown how ruthless and untrust worthy America is towards it's own citizens and the rest of the World. His total ignorance toward others lives, have opened the minds of the American citizens. Bush and his handlers believing the World was as ignorant as them, opened the minds of many. Before Bush and his thieves arrived, people trusted the government to protect them from the evils of the World. Now it turns out, America is the evil of the World. Just as the invasion of North Vietnam by America united the Vietnamese people of the north and south. The citizens of America and around the World see America for what it truly is, a country based on war, not the peace and democracy they always talk of.

Now with rumors of major troop withdraws from Iraq coming before the election, have people finally came to their senses? Or is this just another ploy to fool the citizens of America and the World? The Bush administration or the government has never told the truth to this date, so why can they be trusted now? Do the powers at be, plan to remove the troops to Afghanistan for the "Time" being. Then turn around after the election and invade Iran? Nothing the government does, can be taken for face value ever again anyway. A couple of current items are, good example like, 911 and the rest of the Worlds governments telling their citizens of the existence of the "Aliens". Yet when it comes to the American government, the lies keep coming. So just when and why, does the trust begin? People want to believe in the government and "God", but is it far to late? In the American system, where lies are just a part of the over all game plan. Do the citizens of the World, drop their guard? Until America stops her waring mentality, no one in or out side of America, is safe from the propaganda and fear of murder. If you wasn't to believe it or not, that is the reality of American government.

Listen to a gentleman on Coast to Coast talk about the African Tribe called the Dogon people. As I listened, their stories seemed more and more like the stories of the Hopi Indians of Arizona. The Dogon's were great astronomers like the Hopi people. Believed mankind was put here by "Aliens" from a satellite planet of Sirius. Knew of the ecliptic orbit of a second Sun, and how long it took to go around the Star Sirius. Sirius second Sun was a white dwarf Star, instead of a red dwarf Star. Thus making it a Binary star system also, like the Earth's Sun if the Sumerians are correct. The Dogon like the Sumerians, Hopi and many others say, "Time' will change when the second Sun appears in the Sky. The second Sun will be Red, their you go, just as the Sumerians had it. The "Alien" connection is the same as other tribes from around the World. Here again, everyone else's past belief system, have the "Alien connection. Only the Christians deny the presence of the "Aliens". That come from the simple mindedness of the followers, who can be easily swayed in their opinions and thoughts and be told what to believe. The Christian Bible is full of "Alien" stories, but never spoken of, just as the American government does, get the connection. Keeping the citizens uneducated with lies, and their version of events (To be educated, one must be willing to change ones current thoughts, with the gaining of new knowledge, or yesterdays news)

With all this talk and writing from the past, showing the "Alien" connection to all of mankind. Then why doesn't their presence appear now? You can't say the "Aliens" haven't intervened before in mankind's history. All ancient history is full of the "Alien" connection, except the Christians. (less the Catholics now) People who have interpreted stories from the Sumerians writings, say that the Annunaki didn't want to inter fear with mankind, because they where. Yet the "Alien" presence is in the Crop Circles and numerous UFO sighting. Is the game just to let mankind play their silly game of life. To simple put it, give mankind a play ground. Is the game on Earth to see, who can figure out the true meaning of your presence on Earth. Are the winners, those that figure out, this is only a preparation for a greater future life. Are these the only true survivors of a journey through Earth's mentality's? The "Aliens" helping by leaving little taste of whats out their, but no giant fly by during the day. Leaving subtle hints to the true meaning of mankind's journey on Earth. Leaving the rest to be figured out by the survivors of Earth. A thinning of the heard you might say. No mater where you read it's the same story, be kind move on. Take this life to serious, stop. My bummer is, am I going about it the correct way. No one to say, hey your got that rite, now try this. bye

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