Thursday, July 17, 2008

"Kids Nowdays, hey"

Are fucking out of control from all the brain washing from the TV, and all those toys in their room. You lost control over that child the moment he started watching TV. Every where I turn, theirs some kid laying on the floor belly down, pounding and kicking. Where's the fathers, to busy, or maybe long gone. Now your child is on the floor making an ass of both of you. You could go over and smack the child, but someone might make a phone call and your off to jail you go. You see, you are not allowed to raise that child, the government took that responsibility from you. To a single mom, that child is no more than a pay check from daddy, or the welfare system. TV propaganda has taught women they can raise the children with out a father. It would appear that theory went down the drain with 911. By separating the family, the child now can be more easily recruited by the military. Just like Hitler did in WWII to the German children. Destroyed the family by turning the child against the parent. Sound to familiar, probably not, you never even noticed they had done this to you. You have been brain washed by the same media. Sad to watch the country being slowly devoured of their souls. My few words aren't going to stop this onslaught of souls by the American government.

The more I study the Dogon people, the more their stories sound Hopi. Never could get a grip on the Hopi story of Spider women, until I heard the same story by the Dogon people. Why the woman owned everything and the males takes her last name. Spider Women wove the fabric of life, with her threads of DNA, is the answer. No better way to describe this Event, than by using what the Hopi saw here on Earth, as an example. So a Spider would be a perfect example, just as the Kachina's, all have their hidden meanings behind them. Here is your String theory, about all these parallel Universes your spirit lives in. How Spider Women's web, represents these parallel universes. The Dogon have a simpler way of using words to describe giant knowledge. You would have to watch many different Hopi dances to get the same story, then only maybe. Both have the story of the Twins, or Yen Yang, and many other connections. These stories help to prove the idea, that about five thousand years ago, mankind took a giant step forward. This is exactly how the Mayan have it. Then once again, soon after the departure of the "Gods", mankind started regressing back wards, to where mankind is today. Once again, a primitive being, living mainly mouth to penis and all spiritual development has been tossed out the window. The Native American Indians once lived as spiritual being, but they also lost their way. ("Sitting Bull", White Man was the Indians Karma for losing their way) This is why the Dogon, Hopi and Mayans have the story, of the ending of the DNA experiment here on Earth. Mankind once again has forgotten, he was only an original thought in someone else mind.

If it is true mankind lives in many different parallel Universes, could you be a failure in this one, and successful in another? Are these parallel Universes, where you go when you dream, as I've written before? Between the Dogon, Hopi and Mayan, I am convinced this is the reality of things. These stories where never infiltrated by governments or the Catholic and Christian propaganda. Thank "God" the fucking Catholics didn't get a chance to destroy all ancient knowledge for future generations. As always, the future is in the past, waiting to be discovered. I always trusted the Hopi and Mayans knowledge, the Dogon's close the lid. This ties the "Aliens" and "God" connection together, and why mankind makes these giant leaps in knowledge. This once again shows that the "Aliens" have always been around and infiltrating mankind's development from day one. All just part of a DNA experiment on Earth. Why doesn't mankind fit in with the other animals, and other living creatures on the Planet Earth? The only one capable of destroying their own Planets environment. His this all just a Hologram of a reality? Could you say, mankind has been fucked with. bye PS I'm that 500 pound Gorilla in the room, of everyone that knows me. My presence is stressful on them.

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