Saturday, July 19, 2008

"I Just Don't Know"

Went to a MUFON meeting today to listen to Joseph Apollo talk. Joseph says he is part Cherokee Indian, part white. (honkies) For some reason, (maybe it's some sort of guilt complex) whites will listen to the Native Americans talk and have trust in their words. Joseph claims to get his lessons from Robert Morning Sky. Robert Morning Sky is of Hopi-Apache heritage. You can type his name in a web search box and his sites will come up. The odd thing for me is, that theses Hopi elder teachers never come from Old Oribia. Always from Hotevilla or some other place, never pure Old Oribia Hopi telling his tale. Morning Sky tells the story from his grand father or father about their UFO crash, with a survivor. This was the first "Time" I had heard of the "Alien" crash other than the one from Roswell and Phoenix. I had spun my own tales on these story base on a gut feeling. Now to hear from Morning Sky's stories of the "Alien" they help to rescue from another crash in the southwest. I figured their would have had to have been a third crash, base on the number 3, and the "Aliens". Now here it is in Morning Sky's tales, mine came from my thoughts. Morning Sky's came from his elders. (turn off the fucking TV, radio, and computer) I always figured that if their was a third crash, it would of had to have happened near Old Oribia. Morning Sky doesn't say where this happened. Lonnie Nutumya father saying that a flying saucer had landed near his corn field below Old Oribia, closed that deal for me. Wish I knew when he started telling that story, I started over a decade ago.

Their "Alien", (for lack of a better word) they called, "Bek'Ti or Star Elder Pleadian, told them how the Universe was created and what followed. "Bek'Ti" told of great aerial battles going on in the skies and that they had been shot down. (Night Vision scopes interview, C2C) Told them "God" created women, who then created man. (Spider Women) Told them of the Annunaki and their first primitive human labor. (the Bush family from top to bottom) Like the Dogon people talked of the people from Sirius, so did "Bek'Ti". "Bek'Ti" also said Sirius was called, the Dog Star. Once again, all these ancient myths telling the same basic story. Once you remove all these different cultures from these stories, you have one story from "God". One story, many languages, all the truths that have been hidden away from mankind. Now these stories are starting to flourish, because mankind is willing to part with the old ways an grow towards a spiritual base. Mankind will have to make this step or his DNA will be killed off, just as many ancient cultures stories tell.

Maybe now the truth about mankind's past can be reveled, to free mankind from theses bondage's to a few on Earth. All these truths being hidden for so long are all starting to come out now. Just as the Age of Aquarius is suppose to be starting. Mankind was ready to grow mentally, and the "Aliens" provided the Internet. They knew their was a battle being rage to control mankind's brain. Just as they apparently, do battle on their own. Maybe the Universe should stop and think about their actions? Does everybody have to take them self so fucking seriously? Is that what is causing such disharmony through out the local Universe? Maybe this isn't just a a local problem. With all theses tale of galactic wars going on, it must be true. Where these wars just carried over to the Planet Earth as mankind developed weapons? Most males are far to willing when young to go out and plunder someone or thing. Is it just simply based on jealousy of another who is also "God" like? Was this waring DNA bred into mankind, and now the "Gods' are trying to remove it, to help them self's? If mankind was bred with DNA from another Planets entity, wouldn't the same characteristics occur? The Apple never falls far from the tree. Could it be, if mankind can break free from these war like instincts, it will help those through out the Universe? If all is connected, then shouldn't all boats rise with the tide?

Listen to a little bit of Hal Lindsey last Sunday night. He always sounds like the voice of the religious side of the Military Industrial Complex, that says Americas youth should always killing someone some where. I can only take a few minutes, but need to see what the current propaganda is about the Middle East. He has been chosen to be the mouth, it seems to appear. Oddly he told the story of how the Bible showed two different version the return of Jesus. One as a conquering Lord, to punish the bad, one as humble man. the Hopi have the same story. "He will come and He will bring many", humble, but powerful in blessings. Here are a few You Tube videos to maybe learn from. 'Deciphering the Dogon Code', 'Knights Templer,Holy Grail Quest, King Solomon'. bye PS Sirius system has three Suns not two, going to fast some "Times". An today at the MUFON meeting, I was that 500 pound Gorilla in the room, I could feel it, departed at first break.

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