Sunday, July 20, 2008

"Shouldn't Knowledge Be Free"

Everybody telling me they are the light, then they turn around and have the nerve to ask for money. If you have knowledge, then the knowledge should come with out strings attached. Isn't life suppose to be a spiritual development, not financial development? MUFON has turned into, or always was, another form of, I have knowledge you don't. Even Dan Aykroyd using his name to raise money for MUFON. He tells me for $45 I can be a general member, but for $1,000 I'm a Benefactor, wow, fuck back to go. Where going to pass a hat around so you can donate money for our cause. (Church) If you have knowledge, you should be doing your damn est not to ask for money. Doesn't the Bible say, "God" will help those that help them self's. Not give me some money so I can help you. That's what the government and religions do on a daily basis to mankind. I'll save you with my knowledge, just need a little money from you to do it. Here again trying to exploit the uneducated person who has had an UFO Event in their life. This should all be free, doesn't someone like Dan Aykroyd have plenty of money and rich friends to help spread the story? Aykroyd making damn sure he keeps his, and how in the fuck do you trust an actor anyway? Tried watching some of his crap on You Tube (UFO), wondered how much Big Tobacco was paying him to have that cigarette going the entire "Time", ah an actor. (Ronald Regan and the Cold War) You can't look at anything for it's face value any more. Someone always with a hand out, one way or another. Show people your not as dumb as you look.

All these commercials for the obese, are just robbing the uneducated with trick diets based only on a bottom line. Why not teach the obese to, simply learn to keep their hands away from their mouth, to easy. Companies need to make uneducated obese fill guilty for their way, so they can exact money from them. Much the same way Christian based religions do to their followers. And much of the UFO phenomenon has followed. Now you can buy survival kits and books to teach you how to survive an "Alien" attack. People giving them self's all kinds of names now, to show their are in touch with their other side of reality. Or that the other side has contacted them. What the hell is an experiencer, (not even a word) well, dress me up and put my dumb ass on the porch. Thousands of books, with no real answer, only the confused looking for a truthful answer. As I've written before, that Cat ain't walking around here. Look for some answers in past writings and the Crop Circles of today. Mix those with the thoughts in your mind. Look for the answers in your own head, because all life experiences, are an individual journey on Planet Earth. Each spirit has it own questions and answers. And those all around you, are trying to tell you they have all your answers, they don't. You have all your own answers, if you will simply slow down and think.

The bottom line from all this is, can mankind save himself from extinction? Can those that truly rule thing in this order, have much more faith in mankind. It all makes sense, why so many cultures tell of the same story of how mankind must save them self from extinction. Mankind always seems to return from where he started, and now is mankind finally out of chances? Isn't this like number 5 or 6 in tries? And it does look a whole lot like, mankind was created on the spot, just for this environment, you know, mankind isn't walking on the surface of the Moon. Like everyone else I have a naval, so I'm entitled to an opinion, my guess would be no. Those that have dropped ones off to watch these experiences should simply pick up their toys and go home. That would be my guess, I do have a naval. Maybe mankind couldn't do, what others in the Universe couldn't do either, live in peace. My guess is, you first must be at peace with your self, before you can be at peace with others. The more you hate your self, the more you hate others. You can really see that in GW Bush, that short man syndrome, lots to prove. Everyone taking them self's far to seriously, trying to impose their will over others. Mankind has to over come this weakness of power, to be able to move on into the next segment of reality. The journey to being a Humble Being in the Universe.

Final little story, a guy told me on a job site. He had came down off the roof where he was putting on a new coat of sealer. I happen to be working where he came to get out of the heat, 108 with clouds, Arizona summers. Turns out we had some common friends. Talk today always involves what is happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. Told me he had a son and a daughter both in the Marine corp, stationed in Iraq. They where both aircraft mechanics, so pretty much out of harms way. His son is a aircraft refueler and the daughter an aircraft electronics tech or as we called them in my Navy days, a black box changer. His son told him they where phasing out the military from doing their own aircraft refueling. Asked his dad how many guys, was the contractor going to use to do the job 11 Marines did. His dad guessed 30, son replied 110. Living in America. bye

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