Friday, July 25, 2008

"It's All Already in Your Head"

Found a writer named Michael Cremo on a interview from Coast to Coast. His book is called, 'Forbidden Archeology'. He is talking how mankind has gone backwards from his previous state of being a spiritual being. He spent years studying Indian Sand Scrip and other writing such as Mayan, to come to this conclusion. I learned this by sitting around at night with one light on, talking to my self, sort of. People have always made fun of me for talking to myself. My problem is, someone is talking back to me. A simple form of meditation, with out all the hoopla. Didn't need to go find a Guru, go buy a book, join a group, religious or other. All right in my little old mind, for free. All you need to do is break away from those thing the system has told you you can't live with out. As I've written before, chop the mouth of the monster off. Once the mouth has been closed, now your spiritual growth will begin. "God" bless people like Michael Cremo for getting the word out how powerful your mind really is. You just need to take control of your mind, your self. Be amazed how smart you really are, as compared to the old you, who was feed mentally by mass media. Hopefully with the help of many, this is going to be the beginning of the Spiritual age, and this chaos can stop. Now mankind can see if the collective conscience of the people, turn things around? I hope the ancient writing are correct and the answer is yes, for humanities sake.

Always looking for some new insight into the UFO question. Have my own conclusion like every other person on the Planet has, but still willing to learn. Listen to another author this week, named Phillip Corso, who wrote the book 'The Day After Roswell'. His interview is on You Tube called, Phillip Corso interview & disclosure Project. He is a former military officer from the Roswell crash era, wanting to get his words out, before he dies. Even the Canadian former Defence minister said the Mr. Corso was being truthful. He saw the "Alien" bodies from the Roswell crash, while stationed Kansas he claims. Said all the new knowledge came from the Roswell crash. Saw the first fiber optic that came from the crash. he talks how the items where given to private corporations to develop new ideas from, such as the computer, micro chips, new metals and much more. Told how the "Aliens" flying the space crafts, are actually part of the craft. They were bred to function integrally with the craft, just as the military is trying to develop now. This all seems like people are being prepared for some big announcement from the government. Here is another example of this change in policy from the controlled media. This morning turned on the TV while reading the morning paper. Their was ex Astronaut Dr. Edger Mitchell on local NBC telling his stories about the "Alien" connection. A few years ago this wouldn't have happened. So something is going on behind the scenes to prompt this occurrence. As we know, the media is under control from those that try and hold back mankind's development. Is this all to prepare mankind for some new Stars Wars by the military? Tell the citizens of America their is now a threat from the "Aliens". Pretend to build up some kind of weapon system, then steal the money from the citizens of America, and really build nothing. Then turn to the people from Hollywood (who they control) and have them create a movie showing the good works done by the government. All just as they did with the so-called Lunar landing.

I've notice doing some research for my Blog, that You Tube is as bad as the government when it comes to some videos. Seems the most tell all videos are some how not available any more. Is their an effort going on, to control web information also? Who is controlling the videos that are shown or removed? Shouldn't you be able to tell what you want to see and hear your self? Not Big Brother in every part of your life trying to control it. It would appear that is true, for the most part. Freedom is getting harder and harder to come by these days even with your free "Time". This giant game of mind control, has no limits it looks like. All this accomplishes is, people trusting less and less from even the net. Here again, the system hoping the citizens are as ignorant as they appear. Once again taking freedoms away from the citizens a stroke at a "Time". If people don't stop this madness, one day someone will be at your door, making sure you take your dumbing up pill each day. Just as they do in mental hospital, keep the patient sedated and under control, is the name of the game of mind control. bye

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