Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Food for Thought"

Speaking of food, stop by a Jewish Deli to try and find some thing different vegetarian. Looking at the menu, I noticed everything was either white, (processed starches) or meat. Then noticed almost everyone in the deli was Jewish. All the Jews where short with pot bellies and looked to be suffering from malnutrition. Thought to my self, so much for the Chosen One's. Can't believe if their "God" really spoke to them, why he didn't teach them how to eat properly. Why would you tell someone their body is the Temple of the Lord, then not teach them a proper diet to maintain it. This makes no sense, Yen Yang. Proves once again how religions are so full of holes. Got to thinking about how their food must be blessed by a Rabbi before eaten. All part of mind control by the Jewish elders through religion. Tell someone they are special, then take money from them. And the ignorant Jews line up for the taking and slaughtering. Their Jewish elders keep them all fired up about nothing, while they tax the people and send their youth off to kill Arabs. Once again so much for the Chosen Ones, just as dumb as any white middle class American. The Jews, Christians and Muslims are all fall into this category, a simple lot it appears. All three groups are constantly at war, while the rest of the Eastern religions watch them slaughter each other in the name of "God". Thus proving, joining a religious order is like telling others, you are unable to make decisions for your self. You have turned your soul over to the care of others, and laid down. I don't think that was in the big plan, for your creation?

Keep hearing stories and rumors about the collapse of the dollar. Doing my own thing, to some what protect myself from not have something to buy basics with should this happen. A kind of Hopi survival kit your could say with metals. Some say the national debt is so high and the interest to maintain the debt will force the collapse of American money. (half the taxes go for interest alone on the national debt) Some say this was forced on the American people in order to create a NWO. Bush keep spending and spending until the American people are so far in debt to the rest of the World they will never recover. Folks, this is not democracy or freedom. You have been taken and you fell for all the propaganda. The final blow will be delivered by the next president. America's natural assets where miss used, and now their is nothing left but labor and the rest of the Worlds labor will work for far less than the American. This means the death of the middle classes of America. You have been taken from day one, it all started by killing off the Native Americans, hundreds of years ago. Look at America's past and you will see the terrible deeds America has committed. And now the country's collective Karma has caught up to the citizens of America. What you had was taken from others, and now it's "Time" to give back. The Native American are making a financial come back with gambling, while their white brother gets poorer, Karma. Your still in cars that where invented 100 years ago and you have polluted your home. You are in total and absolute control and you don't even know it.

Can America be awaken from this sleep of stupidity? "Time" will tell, as had been said before, many "Times". Will America be force feed by another four years of the same bull shit by either McCain or Obama? The answer is yes, these two actors where chosen years ago, to be where they are today. Obama and the Iraqi's want the American out, while Afghanistan beckons them. Yes America is out of Iraq, but not home either. McCain wins, and the Americans stay in Iraq. Once again where is the pea, shell game. The people in power want to take even your grand children's future away from them and enslave all the citizens of the World. Just as the stories from the Sumerians texts about the Annunaki. They are doing this financially by always having conflicts going on some where in the World. And now the next created conflict will be in space with the so call "Alien" invader. You may not agree with them, but they will tell you, that most of you support them. After all, they control the media, and can tell the citizens what they want. (They created the media and they can create the percentages.) They could give a flying fuck what you think, for the most part. The system already has Americans thinking exactly what they want them to think, through the media anyway. All just a bunch of games being played out with your money and your soul. Break you financially and then take control of your soul. To the powers at be, you are no more than a common laborer, to be profited from. The Annunaki treated their created slaves in the same manor and now the slave has enslaved others around him. Look no further than the Bush's and Chaney children. Here are the children of gold miners from ancient "Times". bye PS The CERN large Hadron collider was finished in May, for video of the unit go to You Tube bring up 'LCH - Large Hadron Collider- messing with the unknown'

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