Sunday, July 27, 2008

"God Only knows, I Think"

As I get older finding the truth now out weights all other concerns. One day I'll read some where, mankind is the center of the known universe. Next day I'll find mankind is no more than a steady meal for some creature out their is space. This week alone, I went from Micheal Cremo theory it's all about love. Then I'll read some of Jim Sparks writings and mankind is not much more than parts and DNA for other experiments out in the Universe. Now which is it, can you have it both ways? If you don't follow a spiritual path are you then just supper for some space creature, who has bred mankind like cattle for food? Is my theory correct, make it here on Earth or don't make it at all? On one hand the government says "Aliens' don't exist. On the governments other hand, they want weapons to kill the "Alien" invader with. All theories seem to meet some where in the middle, but not always. Are their many different species on Earth, each with their own agenda? Do Entities from through out the Universe have players on Earth, staking out their territory?

Is their no "God", and only living things or entities that have developed through out "Time". Can they do as they please, with no fear of retribution? What really makes things in the Universe tic? As I've started writing my letters, I have discovered many things about American I'm learning to hate. Will my search for the truth, of why mankind's is walking around on Earth, bring me to the same conclusion about life after death? Just as each morning, the birds are waiting for me to retrieve my news paper and toss them some raw oats. To the birds am I a "God" who brings them food an water? In a World of greed and lust, am I the rare entity, who's trying to learn and give some thing back to the Universe. Or am I here, brought by someone other entity, like others, to watch and learn from mankind's destruction of his own Planet? I have asked not to come back here, because of my fears of the humans. Is this felt by others in the Universe who dropped me off? (we need you down their) Is mankind the lowest form of humanity in the Universe? People with the true power and their cronies in government are surely the lowest forms of humanity in the Universe. What about those that struggle to be kind and loving to others around them. Are they not from Planet Earth, but where merely dropped off to observe this lower form of humanity? Why is no one from Earth Humble? Or are the Sumerian tales true, of mankind being a creation only to be enslaved by those from space. (Jim Sparks) The lower forms of humanity that run America, make a good example of this theory.(slave turning into slave owners) Was mankind just a slave at one "Time", then was left alone to his own demise? This would explain why mankind is still as primitive as he was in the past. Is this it for mankind, a soulless being, living simply from, mouth to penis. Have the gays, murders, obese, powerful, soulless, religious, all been collected here on Earth, so they can be exploited by those from above, the "Aliens"? Who knows, maybe this is some form of Hell or Purgatory? This sure as hell isn't the correct way, that is for sure. This is a Monkey see, Monkey do, reality here on Earth, that's obvious. Be Dominate or be dominated, as in Bush or Cheney, I'm getting mine thing. Fucking power corrupts everything, here on Earth.

Now even a new twist to things, was Roswell incident a Trojan Horse? Given to the powers at be, the "Aliens" knowing it would be developed into the computer. Then the system not knowing what would happen, gave it to the masses. That in turn gave knowledge to the uneducated masses, which turned against the system. Bringing mankind full circle, back to where everyone, was once again, on the same footing of knowledge? Here again, the powers in charge not thinking ahead, but only of greed and money. Now the TV can't penetrate every mind on Earth. Now their are many places and voices to be heard from. Not just the media controlled propaganda machine. And why Roswell, that just happen to be only thirty miles from the nuclear testing site for America? One thing is for sure, mankind didn't create the "Aliens". I like this theory because it fits with,"everything means everything" theory. Also it helps the "Aliens" by getting the people to stop destroying their own Earth, with knowledge. With out the computer, mankind would be still pretty much controlled by the media propaganda. Now you have pockets of knowledge, connected by the net. Now news of the environment is getting top priority, not the Russians or terrorist are come to eat Americans. (maybe the "Aliens" though)

Odds and ends, realized what was meant by the term, 'out side the main stream'. It means to the government, your thoughts are not counted any more, Like a race car that has been Black flagged and is still running laps. The car is running laps, but they are not being counted. That what they do to citizens who dare to speck any semblance of truth. Your black flagged, just as John F. Kennedy was. Ran into a kid who had just gotten out of the Army. He was a Army Ranger like Pat Tillman, and the same age. He was stationed out of Fort Bennings Georgia at the same "Time" as Pat Tillman was. Got the nerve to ask him if he thought Tillman was assassinated by the Army. He quickly nodded his head saying, oh yea, everyone knew he was in the Rangers at the "Time". I reminded him of Pat telling his brother that they where going to kill him. He said he had already heard that while in the Army. He now is fighting his own medical battles from thing done to him while in the Army. Sad how this countries military treats their own enlisted men. No more than Guinea Pigs, who care if one dies. Saddest part of all this is. Your people on the news telling you how wonderful life is in the military. How proud they are to be killing others. bye

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