Friday, August 1, 2008

"Reality and America"

While the rest of the World lives in reality, America live in kind of a Disneyland type reality. In debt to the rest of the World, to the tune $500,000 for every American living. While at the same "Time", the rest of the World hopes Americans keep spending. Such a catch 22 of realities when it comes to the dollar. If the Chines and the Saudis released all their dollars on the World markets, the American dollar would collapse over night. The only thing stopping this from happening, is the heavy investments by both China and Saudi Arabia in America. Every "Time" I go visit my metals guy, we discuss the value of the dollar and it's collapse. Every "Time" he defends the dollar, saying it's not going to happen, because it would bring chaos to the World economy. Well, today for the first "Time" he said, "lets hope it doesn't happen". Now every "Time" I'm in his store I'm the only one buying metals, while everyone else is selling because of the high value if precious metals. Just a couple of years go, silver was at $7 an ounce, it's now worth over $18 an ounce and sometimes $20. In the same "Time" gold went from around $400 an ounce to now over $900 an ounce. ($926 today) Like my metal guy reminded me, no bodies money is worth what it says, it's all just faith based. In the same breath he said, Currencies values come and go, remember how worthless the Ruble and the Yen once where? One thing for certain, precious metals, don't need any ones faith to hold them up.

The only difference between the dollar and other currencies is, certain people are trying to destroy the dollar, so they can in slave the citizens of America. What natural resources does America have left, to prop up the dollar? Poor country was raped by the supper wealthy and all those who where under them. They pick the bone dry of any meat, and never hid any away for the future, like even all animals do on "God's" Earth. Just as with the government of today, never a thought for tomorrow. For them it's fuck tomorrow, that the kids problem not mine. Congress, the Bush's and who ever is president, they are only the mouths, (not the real decision makers) leading the way, to insure this happens. People and power always leads to control of others, that's just in the DNA of Earthlings. "Time" has proven this theory, to be, oh so true. Here again, another Earthling mentality I can't seem to get a grip on, greed and lust beyond any comprehension. Every one has some greed and lust in them, it's their to insure the survival of the species, but fuck, some know no limits. Hard to imagine someone sitting around going, look how much I have, "God" must love me. Or can't you see, it's all about me syndrome, which most Americans believe in. This is, something organized religion did to mankind. Here again, it's The old story of Pirates and their pockets of gold, about to jump off the burning ship thing.

Found quite the fellow named Red Elk some how. A web site called, QuietBuck had his lecture on their site amongst other Native American Indians. That lead to Coast to Coast, where he did an interview with George Noory that's on You Tube. His site is called, He is half Native American and half white. He claims to be a Shaman, and after a few hours of listening to his talks and interviews, I'm not arguing with that. There is so much in his head that some "Times" he runs a muck. I suffer from this also, for the same reason he claims to. Trying to warn people they have a chance to save their collective DNA. Warning people that "God" is tiring of mankind's failures, each "Time" they are given another chance. Warning people that they are no more sacred then all the other entities living here on Earth and in the Universe. He certainly makes a lot of good points about events happening in today's World. Pulls the "Alien" thing rite into main stream thinking, with a few simple words. Claims he's one of only 9 people on the Earth that can do what ever they please. Talked about a giant bird called the "Thunderbird" that still lives today in remote areas. Some folks left comments about this giant bird, that they also have seen it.(world wide) That's when I realized I had see one, while a nephew and I where watching two UFOs put on a show for us. (story in past blog) While these two silver dots danced through the sky, a bird that my nephew and I thought was a Buzzard flew over the two silver dots. The problem was the Buzzard was way to large to be a Buzzard. When my nephew contacted MUFON about the event, they claimed it must have been some secret government aircraft from the new area 51 between Utah and Colorado. With all the other events in my life, I'm sure it had to have been a "Thunderbird". Even the Air Forces named their precision flying team, the "Thunderbirds", the biggest and the baddest, after it. Their is a picture of it on the Coast to coast interview with Red Elk. Wing Span of 22 to 27 feet, looks exactly like what my nephew and me seen. bye PS Check out this footage on You Tube, and what happened to the guy who filmed it. UFO???Bloomington Indiana also try out on the web He's the ex head of the British Governments UFO department. (police helicopter, UFO, Brighton England) If you like cool aircraft, found this, Top Military Airplanes USA, China Russia Fighter Jet You Tube 7 min.

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