Saturday, August 2, 2008

"Someone Sure had a Good Plan"

Everything about Mother Nature was in perfect balance until mankind was introduced. A place where plants of different types grew in harmony with each other. Each plant needed each other to insure the survival of both. Plants needed the animal to insure they where fertilized and transported too new locations. In turn the plant would give the animal or insect nutrition for their efforts. Nothing out of place, everything working in perfect balance. Then came along mankind and rained havoc down on Mother Nature. Not one to question any effort by "God" and his plan, but why was mankind introduced? Was the story by the Sumerian's about the Annunaki true? Was mankind was created to be a slave, simply to work in the mines? And when the Annunkia tired of them, they left mankind behind to struggle for his own survival? Knowing the planet would be in jeopardy environmentally if mankind kept multiplying? Did the Annunukia know this and knew Nibiru would return every so many years and take care of the population? In other words, bombard civilization back into the stone ages every so often? This seems to be a very good answer to the problem of over population by the Earthlings. Fits in with Red Elks answer to what happened to the Anasazi, or Lost Tribe from the plateaus of northern Arizona and New Mexico. He claims the Anasazi where dropped off by another "Alien" entity for safe keeping. That they were slaves and that's why they keep looking to the sky to see if their captors where returning for them to re enslave them. Apparently that has happen, because no trace of them was ever found again. As "Time" moves along, the possibilities seem end less, when you throw the "Aliens" into the equation.

Been to a web site called the Galactic Federation a few "Times", always looking for some guiding light. There out of central Australia, or outback, and are sit up for the arrival of 2012. They have great reports on where all types of natural disasters are happening and reporting them constantly. They have stories of the latest and greatest UFO news. Have a great peace on you tube called, Fedtv 2008 April 26 The Hopi Blue Star Prophecy's EARTH. (take the "Time" to watch) The Hopi are so respected by the rest of the World indigenous people, but here in America the government and the press try to act as if they don't exist. Just another good example of how suppressed, the history of American has been. Seems if you want to know the truth about things in America, go out of the country. Best short piece on the Hopi I ever found, and it had to come from some folks in Australia. (living in the land of the free)

Everybody living on borrowed "Time", or is it, "Tulsa Time"? Skies filling with UFO sightings almost daily now. Catholics come out and say the "Aliens" are cool. Everyone has this gut feeling, things aren't rite. Their walking around looking concerned, but about what? Chem-trails fill the skies with a milky substance. No one happy and smiling, saying hello to each other. Looking only at the ground while they walk, in fear of making eye contact.. TV has taught them to fear every one they meet. That the only one they can trust, is the government it's self. Government got people thinking their is a terrorist on every corner just waiting to get them. That if the don't eat the tainted meat supply, they will die from malnutrition. Yep, got them all thinking their all just living on borrowed "Time", until the next great, natural disaster or terrorist attack. Don't want you noticing what's really going on with your tax dollar. A big ass game that hopefully the "Aliens" will break up soon. Isn't that what 2012 really means, the removal of the mask of deceit? A re awaking, one way or another. Either mankind moves up, or out of the equation totally? Same thing mankind did to species here on Earth, no real difference in the big scheme of things in the Universe. If mankind can't get over him self, then is their no future then for mankind? Hopi think it's about to become, fifth World "Time", and end to this fourth World, what do you think?

Found this comment in response to some interview about the "Aliens" or same type subject matter. "I tried to get away from this, now You Tube dragged me back in, I won't have a normal conversation again for like 6 years". William Henry did an interview on Coast to Coast called Illuminati and Stargate. The interview was before the attack of Iraq. What was really behind the attacks, was it to fulfil some Biblical prophecy about the destruction of Babylon? Was Saddam about to return Iraq back into a play ground for the "Gods"? With oil money, turn it back into Sumeria? Then just as the Bible has it, to be destroyed by an invader? Now you have the "Aliens" involved in all equations in matters concerning the history of the Earth and mankind. bye

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