Sunday, August 3, 2008

"New World Order"

Will their ever really be a New World Order, with one central government? A World where your either an elitist or a slave. Where all minds are controlled through the media or poisons in the air, water and food? Red Elk brings up a good point about how valuable fresh water will be in the future. (He's not the first person I've heard bring this up.) A New World Order where the population is reduced to 1 Billion permanent citizens. All of them with an individual ability to help the elitist stay in power. Those that don't submit are branded criminal and removed from the food chain. Mankind reduced to no more than a working ant colony. Can this be pulled off by a country who's citizens are armed to the hilt? Are the people that made the plan getting to old to now pull it off? Or are their other younger ones, simply waiting in the wings, to do the dirty work against their own brothers? Kids like the one Bush put in charge of the FCC, to kill off the small independent radio stations. People with out souls who never had a chance to develop one. People that will latter be killed off, because of what they know. (Russert and others) What drives mankind, to need to control those around him? To my self, I have even thought about the New World Order much because of what I've learned from the Hopi, Mayan and now the Dogon tribe. A friend told me he saw a NWO coin, called the Amero for sale on the net, an that opened a new thought about. How far have they gone with this plan, and how where they going to control all the armed individuals, now around the World? Doesn't NWO mean the whole World? I knew about the FEMA camps and the passing of certain laws by congress to move this along, but wow, money already being printed. Figured out long ago that the reason pot and certain other drugs where never legalized. It was because the money was going other places, than the drug lords. Tax pot and save a lot of Americans problems with the courts and jail system. This is just another way to steal money from the citizens of America. Money to help finance the other government America has.

Life on Earth leaves never a moment to stop and enjoy the beauty of just being it seems. Their is always someone scheming something behind your back. No matter if it's you friend, or the government, always something going on. Constant mind control, lets try this on the citizens of America, see if they believe this. And if this doesn't work, will just modify it a little and try it on the citizens again. Just look lately, how the kids all dress now, right from their video games and movies, given to them by the controlled media. Elders are to smart for this, but that problem will take care of it's self with death by ageing and chemicals in the elders medicines. They have long ago figured out how to drain every penny from the elderly. Then what money is left over, they tax it. A government based on stealing from it's own citizens solely. Can this trend ever be reversed, or has that train left the station and won't return. Was America ever Innocent during any part of it's history, starting with the Native Americans? Now word come out today about how American military slaughtered thousand of innocent Koreans civilians during that conflict that America instigated. Seems their is new news of old lies surfacing daily about America's past. And how much longer can they hide 911 and the "Aliens"?

Have I finally woken up, like so many other citizens of the World? The powers at be, just kept pushing that stick into the side of the Bear.(Worlds citizens) Did the Bear finally wake up and had enough, or am I alone? Is their something in the air, or is it something coming from the Sun's rays? I feel I'm not alone in my thoughts, or maybe people are just more open to my thoughts. Many have thanked me lately for enlighten them with a few words, some have said don't scare me. Both responses with the same words. Just trying to remind folks that others around you, are trying their best, to steal your soul and your money, in that order. I don't want nothing from you but a smile, I'm counting on others for my care. In the end, with all these people here on Earth, trying to control others. Won't the real agendas for the Earth be determined by those from above. Not by some greedy, lustful bastard, here on Planet Earth? Manipulation of the citizens on Planet earth probably started from day one. Now hopefully a "New Age" will open like the Hopi and Mayans promised. The manipulation of mankind's soul will now decease forever, hopefully, and mankind can have a spiritual journey here on Planet Earth. I feel that everyone that is here on Planet Earth rite now, is here for their own individual reasons, to experience this change in the behavior of mankind. bye Sunday Night Dreams and Journeys.

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