Saturday, August 9, 2008

"Not Much to Say"

The "Gods" have been good to my (God's) plants lately with all this monsoon rain we have been having. Arizona has been in such a drought for so long, it feels nice to see the summer showers again. I can water the plants, but the rain does so much more for them, then this treated city water. Few nights ago the winds where starting to blow hard, my chimes where talking. Went out to secure things on the patio and make sure the Kachina of the Out Side was OK. No more than got out side when, bang a loud crack of lightning popped over my head. The odd thing was the colors, instead of the normal yellow or white, this was red and yellow. In an instinct, I realized that I could have been taken out that quickly by those from above. In less than a heart beat, see ya. Raised my right hard towards the direction the lighting bolt came from, couldn't find any words. How little control, one does have, over any of anything in their life. Here merely by some others design, and none of your own. Not only do you live in that reality, you also have those here on Earth trying to control your life and mind. Meet most people and say that to them, they will laugh at you. They will say, I control my own destiny, not knowing that statement had been programed into them. Yep, just keep telling the citizens how free they are, until they believe it.

Read a good statement by a guy named, James Mucmurtry (spelling?) 'Money is not the tool of all means, just one tool to be used in survival, like food and water'. A lot being said in a just few words. Life is a spiritual journey and mankind has been given the tools to proceed through this journey, water, food and a mind for reasoning. (money) Here is where the balance in the Universe begins. To the obese, they never progress above the need for food. To the greedy, they never progress above money. To be able to use your money to gain knowledge, that will lead to a loftier place in the Universe for you. You have achieved balance, not one more than the other, Yin Yang. No balance, no future. If you live in the now, then the now will be your reward. You have abandoned other possibilities that lay before you. Always remember, 'be careful of what you wish for'.

'The truth may be out their, but I doubt I'll ever find it on You Tube'. Response from a You Tube video called, UFO unidentified flying objects. Love the comments from the kids, you may not be able to trust the video, but you can always trust the kids. (the plants are obvious) Want to get your self all up set about the truth behind Robert F. Kennedy's assassination. You Tube, Space & Earth Reports -C2C 1/14, 2/14 and 3/14 An interview with Robert J. Joling on the real person who shot Robert F. Kennedy. Poor old Kennedy brothers thought they had real power, when all they where, was tokens to appease the American people. Both Kennedy's where going after the people they hadn't realized, had put them in power in the first place, this got them killed for their efforts. They thought the people of America put them their, sorry. Any way, the guard shot Kennedy three "Times". (eye witness accounts) With modern technology, you can hear how many gun shots their where fired. Sirhan Bishara Sirhan gun only had eight rounds, many more than that were fired. (And you wonder why all of the NASA moon landing videos disappeared recently?) Funny how two different people where going after at the same "Time". Sirhan Sirhan claims he was hypnotized and remembers nothing. One more piece of the puzzle comes to the surface to prove how corrupt America's past has been. Showing again, how controlled every thing has become, or has always been. Living in America.

I agree with Jim Marrs, the government is so corrupt and out of control. That nothing out side of the citizens marching on the capital could change it now. All the things the rest of the good citizens have on Bush, Chaney and their gang, to put them in prison for a long "Time", is being stopped. Stopped by the most powerful women in congress, Nancey Pelosi, and those that put her in power. All this never getting a moment of press, all neatly going on behind closed doors. Proving my point how powerless the citizens of this country or any other country really have. Look no farther than the other two military industrial complexes, China and Russia. Their citizens are also control through control of the media. But America keeps telling the citizens how free they are and they buy into it, never thinking of how much of their income is taxed. Got people thinking, theirs no terrorist at your door, because the government fighting them in the middle east, while stealing your money. Enough, I'm getting upset. bye

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