Sunday, August 10, 2008

"May God Kill Them All"

I'm talking about the Bush's, Cheney, McCain, Obama, Polosi, Clinton's and all those that kill the citizens of America and the World they filled with their lies. Their true "Time" is approaching from the skies from above. It always happened in the past and surely it will happen now. Those that chose to in slave others will meet their fate, a horrible fate, history tells us. Now you have been lead down the garden path once again. Rite on schedule as the election nears, the surge in Iraq has some how worked. (how does anyone really know whats going on in Iraq, except for the fact, the Iraqi's want the Americans out) McCain popularity is on the rise, now that his support for the surge seems correct. All part and parcel of controlling the minds of the citizens of America. Complete brain control through the media and games being played out for the citizens of America. Just as I called it, it has happened. But most will never be opened minded enough to ever see this happening. Here again, control of the citizens through this giant game being played with your mind and emotions.

Obama's speeches carry on the new theme of New World Order. (German speech) Trying to convince the American and citizens of the World they must unite to stop the common thread of global terrorism. An enemy that has been invented by those that want to in slave the citizens of the World. Will it work, or will it just be carried out by those who control the Worlds wealth regardless? Can anything be done to stop these lies from being spread through out the World? The only true defence from all this control is to learn to do with out. Stop giving up your soul and fiances, to those that only want to in slave you. Use your wallet to stop the control. With out your personal greed, their is no control over you. The system is trying to convince you that, you are only on Earth to consume, and you have no spirituality in you. Their is no "God", you are only a fluke is the Darwinian theory. You have evolved from the apes, and the thought of a higher Being or "God", must be stripped from your mind. You are only on Earth to consume and fight the wealthiest battles as in some kind of board game being played out by the wealthy controllers.

Tried to watch some of the Olympic last night, but the propaganda coming from Bob Costa's mouth was to much to bear. The final kicker was when the America's white trash president, called George W. Bush stood up to shake Henry Kissinger's hand. Their are a couple of whores that have been responsible for the death of many innocent children through out the World. Yet their they where, being talked up as if they where a couple of the Worlds great leaders. Down rite embarrassing to think this is where the World stands today. Where mass murders are revered by the masses. This is all total madness now on Earth. No place to turn for a little honesty and purity. All the purity in the World now has gone, maybe forever, unless others from above step in to stop all this chaos.

Has Satan taken complete control over the souls of the World, am I alone in my thoughts of good? He Satan, has surly already taken the souls away from all the World's leaders, past and present. China it's self, has nothing to be proud of about it's past, but listen to the media and all is good. A country where most all of the, one and a half billion people are under total mind control. And this is exactly were the American system of government is trying to lead the citizens of America. A total control, by convincing them that is whats best for them. As the Chinese government told their citizens, you can have more wealth, but you must let us control your lives. The sad part is, the Chinese people have accepted this way of living. That is exactly what Americas government is trying to convince the citizens of America. We won't let them terrorist get you, if you let us control you. I feel sorry for the citizens of America, but to the citizens of American, I'm a fool. I read, I think, their for, I'm an out cast. A lot of effort goes into trying to control those that think, and it has worked. Most commits to my blog are anonymous for a reason, fear of retribution from the system. My self, I believe that those from above will protect me as long as I try and tell the truth, as it has been taught to me, from them. This is some of that, good old fashion faith, remember it. It use to live rite here in America, but fear of loosing your income has taken that away. Kill off a couple of Kennedy's, and see what it gets you. Citizens that fear you, because they have no faith in their faith.

Found another person trying to warn the good citizens of America and the World, named Texe Marrs. (no relation too Jim Marrs) His new book called, 'Mysterious Monuments', tells the story of all the new Architecture that the Illuminati are building around the World. A architectural form of hedonism, you could say. Being finance through energy prices, or taking from the poor, to build monuments to Satanic thoughts and ideas. Yes the Occult is a live and well in the year 2008. Christian, Mormon, Satanic, Masonic, etc., take your choice. A World filled with all these different packs of wild humans. (Not a good "Time", to be a spiritual being on Planet Earth.) Mankind can't even be classified with the other animals and living things that live here on Earth. Mankind is special, he kills for the sake of killing. Mankind tortures others to be able to see them suffer. No other animal on the Planet does this. This is why mankind's rule on Planet Earth is about to come to an end. This lawless, soulless, people, living in the back waters of the Universe, "Time" has returned again. "Time" to cleans the Planet Earth of it's corruption. I thank the "God's" for their good words today. Hard to come out with positive thought when the World now dwells in a negative energy. bye

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