Thursday, August 14, 2008

"These Cats are Getting Scarier"

Being an electrician for damn near forty years, the personnel have really changed. The kids all scare me now, look primitive now. Come to work dirty each day, wearing the same cloths all week. Body covered in tattoos, listening to grown men screaming songs on the radio. Proud they act like animals, who the fuck are these Cats? Half the Cats are illiterate illegals, 5 foot 2 tall, shit load of kids, goes to the Catholic church on Sundays. The system has dumb up the honkies and the rest where already ignorant. Is this really what they wanted, those pulling the string? With in a few decades or less, it will all seem like some Madd Maxx movie. Gangs of humans, with few brains, out of control, back to fucking go. Who wants to control this crap, and what is the point. To be able to leave more crap behind to your greedy children? Who are just waiting patiently in the wings, for you to dye.

If you listen to Jordan Maxwell, this is the way thing are suppose to happen. Only a handful will control the rest, because they have Superior knowledge. He suggest a hybrid of "Alien" and Earthling. Of course you will have to learn all theses bitching news signs and symbols. That are to supposedly have some great fucking meaning behind them. Just another fucking Cult, feeding off the bottom feeders. He goes about making a lot of sense when it come to religion and comparing everything to Maritime Law. Made me realize why I was never given a birth certificate. Look on the back of your original birth certificate and see if the names of other countries are on their. He says that those are the countries you can be traded to. That's why the Statue of Liberty says, Liberty, instead of Freedom. It should say, Statue of Freedom, on Freedom island, not Statue of Liberty on Liberty island. You have Liberty as long as the government says you can have Liberty, no pass port, no travel. You are aloud to have Liberty from American, but you can't have freedom from America. When I was in the Navy, I signed over to them all my rites for 6 years. My "Time" off was called liberty, get it?

Jordan talks of a sort of new religion call Astro-religion, which combines spirituality with Astrology. With 13 being the Sacred number, or "God" with his 12 disciples. Used a dollar bill for and example. Look at the presidential seal. All thirteens, even the Pyramid, with the star of David with 13 stars surrounded with 13 balls. Rite in line with ancient calenders with 13 months with 28 days, no leap year. Does a great job of taking apart religion with some good facts. How religion has held back mankind. Then it gets ugly, New World Order ugly. The fucking agenda of controlling minds and removing souls. Do good for your controller and he will reward you, just as you do your dog. Be like the Chinese, in other words. It's already that way, just a little more subtle. Like the Chinese leadership did, break you down financially. Hungry men are easily controlled, just like in the great depression, when they took Americas gold away.(your buddies that control the banks)

Why have a fucking New World Order when the Cats pulling the strings already have control? This all make no sense, it's not like America is at war in Afghanistan and Iraq, because the citizens voted for it. It was given to them starting with 911. Had an election to remove the scoundrel's that helped get America into the fucking hopeless wars, nothing changed. So someone show me, where their isn't already control over your life. Now you are given the choice of fucking two worthless human being, McCain and Obama. America will run out and vote and blast those that don't, but it's already been decided for you. So just where do you stick this New World Order, in a World already under control. Look up at those Chem-Trails, what control over them do you have? bye PS Thanks to the e-mail from someone at KRXA 540 in Monterrey California, for my words on Ed Grimsley. (night vision binoculars) Found this Video site called veoh^-^

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