Friday, August 15, 2008

"Did I Miss a Turn"

Living here on Earth is such a nightmare, I must have missed a turn some where out there in the Universe. This can't be reality, can it? People running a muck, killing, torturing, poisoning each other, this ain't real is it? Was I dropped off to see if I would survive? Did I volunteer for this mission, for future considerations? Are their many more like me out their, from different parts of the Universe? A kind of test babies, to see what's really going on, here on Earth. If I was a "God" or an "Alien" from space and "Time", I sure as hell wouldn't want to step down here into this mess. Lets send someone else down to check thing out first, syndrome. Sitting in D.M.V. for tags today, really brought this out. These are the people, the people who pull the strings call, the unwashed. The controlled ones, (brain washed) living in blind obedience. No sense of spiritual development, just lust in one form or another. Where these, all children of the ancient miners? What happens if restraints are removed, Madd Maxx? Can these people survive, with out some form of control. How few have true souls, where their souls stolen? How few could really be trusted? Yep, this place has some problems. I'd say. Thank "God" I'm not "God", tough call. Kill off one of your creations, or give them another chance?

Sense the arrival of the Kachina on my patio, a lot has happened. The network helicopters no longer buzz my home. This summer monsoon, actually had a normal amount of rain fall. My plants, ("God's") have never looked so good. The swelling in my left foot and leg have been returned to almost normal conditions. Not bad for a wooden figurine the Christians would scoff at. Truth is, the Kachina's have been around far longer than Christianity. The Kachinas where carved, to show respect for those far Superior to mankind. While Christianity was created to control the weak and uneducated on Earth. The Kachina doesn't kill Innocent children trough out the World, while Christianity does. Kachina wants no part of enslaving mankind, while mankind strives to enslave the environment and the citizens of the World. The Kachinas flow with the Universal Laws of Nature, while Christianity tries to ignore the Universal Laws of Nature. Christianity is why America is at war in Afghanistan and Iraq. While the Kachina wants only peace. Maybe this year, the Kachina on the patio, will start sickening the pilots of the Chem-Trail aircraft. Wonder what kind of person would actually fly these aircraft, what am I thinking, this is Planet Earth. Humans will do anything for money, look at Black Water in Afghanistan and Iraq. Look at your news anchors and reporters. Back to reality, living in America.

Listing to an interview on Jeff Rense program, talking about what a news reporter are aloud to say on the air. It turns out, you really do sign away your soul, when you get hired. You sign a paper saying, you will not change anything you are told to say. You are told, you will read exactly, what's on the teleprompter, no matter if it's a lie or not. And if you don't read exactly, whats on the teleprompter, you can be arrested. Jeff Rense said that's why he left the news business. So much for all these national news guys saying, they sit down each day an decide what should be on the evening news. (suppose they where told to even say that) Most of the anchors, names are changed, doesn't Matt Lauer have a nice ring to it? This is to protect the family. Protect them from what, aren't these Cats always telling the truth. Just a little more control over how you think, by giving you the choices to think about. Cool how simple but effective the system has been. Jeff Rense said he could fire his entire staff and replace them in a day. People wanted their faces out in the media that bad. Confirmed me and my bud's thoughts, that most would work for damn near nothing, just to get the attention.

Funny how some Entity far greater than anything any human will ever understand, stands by an watches. Watching a few feeble human beings, try to control the uneducated ones they created. So ignorant, they believe they are the top of the food chain. One of mankind's greatest failure was thinking he was slick. Thinking their was nothing to fear but fear it's self. All the fucking politicians and religious leaders, have to fall into this category. All the media's slick Willy's are just as bad. Who is all knowing, the system that controls mankind or that, that created everything? Isn't this story in the Bible, didn't someone get uppity and forget who created him and was destroyed? The minute you think your on top of it, don't you get chopped off at the knees? I sure as hell have been cured of that uppity shit. Got my butt scared to death now, always asking for forgiveness now. A few wet fist in the night, will cure them adventures. So what does happen to those who would like to control all others? Are they some how removed from this process of a wet fist? Are all those stories of someone coming from above to rite everything in the World, just stories? Why do they show up all over the World in every culture? The Hopi had no Illuminati's to deal with, but have this story. So I guess, people will just to have to wait and see. Faith in faith, takes alot of faith. bye

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