Saturday, August 16, 2008

"MUFON Meeting 16 August 08, Mesa, Az."

Even though I may have said some negative words about MUFON meeting and collecting money, but today was good. Finally some people with real knowledge on the subjects Of UFOs. The first presenter was Michael Polani, talking about the Crop Circle that showed up in Chandler March 2007. This Crop Circle was nothing like the elaborate Crop Circle of England. In fact simply primitive in shape. Like on England Crop Circles, you still had this woven pattern, and the straw was bent at the knuckles. He also noted that all around the Crop Circle (not really a circle) the ground was wet, from irrigation used in Arizona to flood the fields (heat). The area where the bent over straw was, perfectly dry. one person said that was because of the force that was used to form the Crop Circles was from Plasma Electric Energy. (the "Sun") That's why the soil around the crop Circles could be wet and the area of the Crop Circle was perfectly dry. This electro-magnetic energy field, that seems to surround all things, could be manipulated to create the Crop Circles. He went on to explain how the electro-magnetic wave is in a woven pattern, wow. (I'm going to have to start recording these meetings) This is why I wanted to start coming to these meeting. To learn some thing scientific, that could tie in with the mystic. The unknown being that controlled these known energy's. (Bet you they don't belong to some fucking secret Cult. Bet you a pay check, they don't have some secret little fucking signs they have to learn. Sorry went astray, the NWO thing came up today at the meeting.)

Michael was asked if any of the net works showed up, he said only channel 3 KTVK. This is where it get strange. They showed up, when only Michael and a few friends knew of this. Micheal had worked with a few UFO groups San Francisco, and had only lived here 6 years. Just happened to be in the rite place, at the rite "Time", "God". He was already aware of how the net works can't be trusted, from previous work. He asked himself, how did they know he was even in the Crop Circle, taking photos of the formations? I stood up and said. Those net works and their helicopters where not up their to help you, avoid wrecks on the way to work. They where up their to spy on you, a roll of voices, went through the room. Everyone had an opinion when I brought this up, every voice had an opinion at the same "Time'. Like I had hit something in them, they didn't want to believe, but knew it was true. Or they hated me, for saying such a thing. Everyone had an opinion when you bring up, are you really free? This set the tone for the rest of the way. How do you trust anything from your government or media from this point on? One guy said, this is the beginning, look how many are in the room, after only a few meetings. Then I realized the UFO movement was much more than some some good old folks wanting to know the truth about UFOs. The old, if your lying about this, what the hell else are you lying about.

This country's direction is now tied to this question. How much longer can the government be aloud to keep the lies coming. Here are your educated masses, gathering around the UFO question. Then one thing leads to another and pretty soon, you have a room full of upset people. Educated people, the ones that help to make your life better. Not the ignorant ones, who bleed off the system and those around them. Can the system truly anger the engineers and inventors, that create a better life for all? Theses are the Cats at UFO meetings through out the World, something has to give. The Catholics finally gave in, only American government is stopping the rest. All about control over the Worlds population, plane and simple. And now the educated ones know this, because of the Net. The true revolution may get started by the seekers of the truth about UFOs. It's the Hippie movement, only with UFOs and freedom to learn and know the truth.

The second speaker was a kid named Jeff Willes. I had already discovered him chasing around the UFO thing. He moved here from back east because Phoenix seems to be a hot bed of UFO activity. Kid has some great shots, you can see on his web site. Most UFO photos where taken during day light hours. He has been on many TV programs and Coast to Coast with Art Bell. He showed some of his great photos and interviews with the net works. He started by saying, just as the gentleman over their said, about the net works. (that's me, cool) They say they are going to be fair, but in the end, they always twist the knife in you. As all ways, they counter you with some guy that has no knowledge of the subject, he said. He showed all the interviews and he was rite, a bunch of whores. Good day for knowledge, a guy sitting near me, got to talking about Chem-Trails. Here is what he had to say, ' when you see them laying down Chem-Trails, take your digital camera and take a photo'. You will see UFO orbs in the photos. Next "Time" they are laying down trails, I'll photograph them and post them if some thing comes out. bye

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