Sunday, August 17, 2008

"Alien Casebook"

Alien Casebook, this might be the ultimate UFO web site. Has everything from Coast To Coast shows, to daily UFO reports from around the World. Speaking of UFO sightings, their sure appears to be a rise in sighting through out the World. America is still the leader in UFO sightings. The British sure seem to be having their share of them lately. If things where relative, then it would seem, China and India would be number one, with their populations. China for the most part, control what information leave China, so who knows how many sightings they have had. Besides, if you where an "Alien", wouldn't you avoid all those polluted skies in China and India? Anyway, a good to site to learn something from. After all, that's pretty much the reason your on the Planet anyway. Gain knowledge so you can advance in the Universal scheme of things.

Heard some stories from Wernher von Braun (1912-1977) secretary, about what the government had in plan, to keep control of the citizens of America and the World. Wernher von Braun said, next would be terrorism and when that stopped working, a fake attach from the "Aliens" would follow. America is being kicked out of Iraq, so about now? Just before the elections, be a good "Time" to fake an attack. Maybe they could blow up the rest of the buildings that house investigations into what the Bush administration has been doing? Blow up some prostitutes operation, because high level government official go their often. Hell, Bush and his thieves have many enemies, anyone with a soul. They could go hire some "Aliens" to fly by, while they detonate pre-planted explosives, just like 911. Wonder how many building the government have blow up over the years? Beirut Marine barracks, Oklahoma City, Twin Towers and building 7, USS Cole, etc.. I'm sure Wernher was correct, so where and when? This is all such a big dog and pony show any way.

Yep, a giant Dog and Pony show being put on for the citizens of America. The powers at be, can simply launch a lie out their through the media. Then watch the uneducated citizens of America, fall for it hook, line and sinker. Then sit their laughing at the ignorance of the citizens, just a big ass game to them. Get you all worked over the attacks of 911. Convince you to send your sons and daughter off to fight some war, so they will be safe from terrorism. They steal your children's lives, and take your money with taxes. All the "Time" looking down on you, laughing. These is America today. Before you know it, giant police state, where you have no freedoms. Your only chance will be, if you have protection from above. Someone to kill you enemies, someone to keep you safe, a "Guardian Angle". Only the pure get "Guardian Angles", so you better get started, you'll need one soon. Doesn't your Bible tell you you can have one, if you live a good life? This Dog and Pony show has teeth, your going to need that Guardian Angle to survive. Maybe this will force the point, with what going on all around you? Put a little fear into you, get you to looking up a little more. Get you to realize, these Cats in power are not looking after you. The people who try and warn others. Who ask for nothing, just as Jesus in the Bible, are your friends. "Time" for every citizen of the World to become one of these. It's the only thing that stop all this madness in the World. Words keep falling from the sky, "you must, save yourselves".

All these UFO sighting now, Crop Circles getting more elaborate, all signs from above. "Time" has come, to reconnect to the Universe, from where you came from. Learn what, in my likeness means. See who moves on, who is left behind. Everyone must agree, something is in the air, in your bones. People walking around with serious looks on their faces. People finally realizing how little control they really have over their lives. This is how a change in the thinking of mankind will come about. By first realizing that what you have is a lie, depression will follow. Then realizing you must move foreword or die. Your basic instincts will not let you die. So "Time" to create a new beginning. That why knowledge is painful, a building process. (ignorance is bliss) Then hopefully a new birth into the next age. The Birth of the age of Aquarius. Jordan Maxwell does a good job of pointing out, how this (age of Aquarius) is also shown in the Bible. He also make a good argument how the Bible stories are all astrological connected, just as the Popul Vuh does. Goes back to that one source syndrome. Everyone has the same, in the beginning story. "God" bless and Sunday night dreams. bye

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