Saturday, August 23, 2008

"God Bless Us"

As long as you are willing to live a lie, the system will provide for you. Want to live in the truth, they will hunt you down and kill you. This is life in the land of the, not so free, America. Listen to Bob Dean's interview on You Tube called, the Esplosive Revelation of UFOs Who-What They Are. Bob Dean was in the middle of the UFO cover up story, starting in the early fifties. (highest ranking enlisted man) The lady who was interviewing him, kept asking him, who was protecting him from the powers at be. He had no answer, except maybe it was because he was the highest ranking enlisted man. All he wanted to do, was clear the air, on behalf of his own soul. It didn't seem important why he was still alive. As he said, I don't want to return back to this reality. He used the term, as many of us do, 'mankind could have been so much more'. He had accepted he was part of the lies, and wanted to undo them. He cried like a new born baby as he talked. Told of how a friend of his in the cover-up, came out with the truth. The system killed his son in a hit and run automobile accident and he's a mess now. (never found the person who hit his son) Reminding folks that the system will do anything to keep the lies flowing. If you where a high profile person in the cover-up, and you come out, question is, how come your alive? That's where the interviewer was going. Sad but, if you are telling the truth, why then are you still alive? System got everyone questioning everyone else, just like they like it. Divide and conquer, isn't that how a few keep in power? By turning everyone against everyone else. Divide the Christians from the rest of society and let them be your killer dogs. Say you hav e seen a UFO in public and watch everyone start laughing at you. Just like they where trained, by the powers at be.

When ever you bring up the subject of Chem-trails, people want to know what they are doing. Most people realize their are too many people on the Planet and something has to be done. So when you bring up, maybe it's for population control, people seem to agree with the idea. Problem is, de-population is cool, if it ain't you. If all the skies are full of the chemicals, who gets to hide from it? Their is no escape, as long as the wind blows. So are the people filling and flying the chem-trail flights, convicts? Who in their rite mind, kills off his own kin? I've seen many videos showing UFOs in and around the trails, are they faked? Are the "Aliens" part of the program to fill the skies with this milky substance? I've tried warning people of the problem, but they always seem to be more into their personal lives, rather than think of the consequences of the trails. Is this how the dumbing of the citizens of America works? Of course, it worked in Germany for Hitler. Poison the water, turn the children against their mothers and father. (Jim Marrs new book)

"God" bless those that try and maintain the truth, while others around them, submit to their masters. The ones trying to get the truth out, that the truth is now where near the government. Risking their lives and those around them, like Bob Deans friend. In many ways, your lives are based on others protecting you. No matter if it's someone from above, or just dumb luck. Your years are based on others. These are the real heroes of America, those trying to help other reach a higher order in the Universe. Not the bastards behind the propaganda machine, and the news media people who stand in front of it. (they will be hunted down like rabid dogs, when the truth comes out) The good folks I write about and listen to. To the other entities on the other side. The ones who give me words an protection from these on Earth, who don't want the truth revealed. The ones who come into my head, to offer comfort from those in day to day life."God Bless You"

Been in contact with Jeff Willes lately, over his photos. Told him, I believe that the "Aliens" knew he was taking photos of them and they had hand picked him for the job. Said he should be careful how he handle the truth. Their was a lot of faith put in him to carry out this mission. (It is still a Planet of free will.) As he said, it started at age 5, their you go. The same thing that made him load up every thing and move to Phoenix because of all the UFO sightings here. You come, and we will deliver, you could say. Deal all made subconsciously, "Alien" style of mind control. Hey kid, we need you out in Arizona where we have been flying a lot lately. Where trusting you now kid, to do the rite thing. Don't want to watch you to sell your soul for a couple of worthless dollars, OK kid? No pressure on Jeff at all, all easy, my ass. At least he was noticed and pick out, or maybe even sent down to preform this task? Now you start getting into all the different kinds of the realms of things. This is where I start talking out of my ass, because I don't really have a clue. That navel thing and an opinion. I'm having a hard enough "Time" just knowing the "Aliens" are out their. Pretty sure their are all these parallel universes out their, and that's about it. Any way, go to Jeff's web site and buy some stuff, he sure as hell isn't getting rich off this deal. That's "Alien" style, he will learn later why. bye

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