Sunday, August 24, 2008

"None of the Above"

This should be on all voting ballots, none of the above. Obama has chosen another first class whore in Joe Biden. A Washington insider, who's son runs a lobbing firm. Who really cares anyway, it's all just a game for those that pull all the strings. Look at these Cats running for president, who do you really trust? The answer would be, none of the above. McCain who doesn't know how many houses his wife owns. Is just another short man, controlled by his wife's family's money. With out her money, he isn't shit. Just another Vietnam vet, (maybe) with some injuries. But here in America, if you are willing to sell your soul, their is a place for you in politics. Listening to a guy who wrote a book on the Russian mob. He told how the Russian mob first got a foot hold in America. Simple, they started bribing politicians, before they ever arrived in America. The same way the Italian mafia operates. Once again proving my theory, politicians are the lowest form of humanity. Obama and Biden's past are rite their in the middle of politicians that have had associations with crooked people. Obama's early contributor and friend, is now in prison and Biden has his own past with Richard "Dickie" Scruggs. Funny Obama and Biden aren't from Arizona, because they would have fit in quite well. Arizona has had it's share of crooked politicians, the last one being Rick Renzi.

When you think about it, how in the hell do you end up with, Obama and McCain? America didn't, they where shoved down the throats of the American voter. Next America will have a pretend day to cast their pretend ballot. Their again proving my point, how little control the average citizen has over who, or who isn't president. Look how Nancy Polosi is stopping the impeachment hearing on G.W. Bush. All just a game, put on for your entertainment, and those that control you, through your lust. No lust no control, got nothing on you, your basically free.

All theses stories about who really controls the money and the humans on Planet Earth are confusing. Is it the Illuninitia, the Freemason, the Catholics, the Templars, just who? Read where one person stated that, the Freemasons have decided, their where going to tell everyone about the "Aliens". How about asking the Hopi or the Dogon people? How are the Freemasons, so all knowing on this subject? How about those that travel back and forth to the "Aliens".(Bob Dean?, Shamans) Shouldn't they be consulted, they know stuff. How about asking Red Elk, he seems trust worthy. I know the Freemason have done a lot for people when it comes to natural disasters, but the "Aliens"? What could they know, that the Sumarians, Hopi, Dogons and many more, didn't all ready know. The Mormons say they have a good grip on the "Alien" question. You would think their would be a race to get the true story out. It's going to surface anyway, why not cash in on it. If the "Aliens" where here to kill mankind off, because of the way mankind's is. Wouldn't they have already done that? Wouldn't this be a good step for the American government, to start redeeming them self's. Start by saying the "Aliens" are here and they have always been here. (like the Catholics) They are not here to harm the citizens of the World. Now the Catholics can say they where the first to start to open up to the idea of, others live about the place. Another failed chance for America government, to show they might have a little class.

Well the Olympics are over for another four years, what will the World look like in 2012. Will their be mankind even living on Earth? The Chinese failed on their promise of no rain during events. Made sure their where no protests, buy controlling numbers in the venues. All the while, the American propaganda machine showed the face of a Chinese people, to be loving and caring toward their government, for the World to see. Made you think, they where happy to work for slave wages in terrible conditions. Made sure their was never any pictures of un-rest in the country.(free Tibet) Didn't remind anyone of the terrible infrastructure to the Chinese cities. Where are all the masks, that the citizens would have worn normally? How about all the chaos after the recent Earth quakes? Nothing, just a happy society, just the way they want the citizens of the World to become, slaves. Tried watching some of the Olympics, but all the above, stopped me cold. They seem to never stop now with the NWO bull shit and all the commercials. Never a moment, where their wasn't either some political motive or commercial moment. Once more tearing down purity, in even sports. It's all about control, control, control. Happy Sunday night dreams and journeys, with soft landings. bye PS Went down to get some incense from our local metaphysical book store, hadn't been in for years. Most of the older female card readers, had big ass ugly tattoos now, just like the TV and media, told them to do.

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