Saturday, August 30, 2008

"Electrical Storm"

Two nights ago, an electrical stormed passed over the central part of the Valley of the Sun. It packed massive amounts of rain, even for Arizona during the Monsoon season. Here in central Arizona we have great lighting storms during the Monsoon season. The warm air from the gulf off Mexico, meets the cold air from Alaska and Canada. If these electrical storms last 15 minutes, that's a long "Time", as the storms are usually moving quite fast. Two nights ago, this Monsoon storm was different. The storm carried high winds once again, with lots of quick rain fall. As usual, filling the streets with water, then moving on. (flash floods are common in Arizona) This storm had real energy, electrical energy. For almost two hours their was continuous lighting, mainly cloud to cloud. You couldn't count to three, with out another bang in the air. Lighting so intense, that I turned off my lone light and open the curtains. My living room was filled with this constant blue light, bright enough to walk around the room and see where you where going. After about a half hour, I had to call my Marian friend to see if he was still up. He was, an had the Doppler radar going, viewing storm on his computer. Between the two of us, is over 110 years of watching the skies.(Arizona, Ohio) We agreed this was something we had never seen before. To me, this was something Biblical, a, 'this surely must be a, "Sign" of some sorts'. As we talked and conjured our stories about what this all meant. (everything, means everything) The "Gods'' would give us our answers, if these thoughts were true, in great blast of lightning electrical energy.(were both electricians) My bud would say what he thought, and the Gods' would respond with a clap of approval. Then I would go, their is your answer. We talked and wondered, if this was Nibiru or Wormwood approaching, bringing it's electro magnetic field with it. Reaching the Earth far sooner than the naked eye could detect it visually. Where the "Gods', only giving a preview of whats to come. Was this HAARP, High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program? The best part, neither of us where afraid of what was going on. As my bud said, I bet they, love listening to us talk. (tapped phones, we know, they know, we know) I've gotten use to it, my Martian bud still has a hard "Time" with it.

If you Wikipedia HAARP you will get a short lesson into what it does or doesn't do. The Chinese promised their would be no rain during the Olympics by using some new technology.(HAARP?) This plan failed, as rain washed away the pollution from the skies. Some say, the Chinese government used HAARP to create massive earth quakes, to kill off part of the population. Some believe HAARP was used to destroy New Orleans with Katrina. Some say the current storm Gustav, that's racing toward Louisianan, was created by the government using HAARP. Here in central Arizona, we set a record for Monsoon rain fall in a season. Where 3 inches above normal for this "Time" of year. Usually lately, where 3 inches to the negative. Is HAARP connected to the chem-trails. Could the Aluminum in the chem-trails, be the circuit for the HAARP? This is all Tesla connected, with a little bit of Sumarian history about the Annunaki.(gold) Their not up their laying those trails, for shits a giggles. If you are using a tool like HAARP, seems you would surely need a circuit for it. Shoot a beam of electro magnetic energy to a place you have put a negative receptor, and bang, just like making a phone call over the air waves. The same way you would light up a target with a laser beam. (smart bomb) Is this why the chem-trails never stop, manipulating the Earths weather through HAARP? When you don't care about the human population, what does it matters if people die off from the side effects of the aluminum in the chem-trails. The price of living in a free America, you could say.

Found a few interesting things during the week. Listened to a few of Alex Jones interviews on Coast to Coast. I don't know if I can buy into another short fat guy telling me, he has his shit together enough, to tell me what to think. I agree with a lot he has to say, but something smells funny. Alex getting arrested next to a Geraldo Rivera interview, seemed rather fixed. Seems someone with all the theatrics's of Alex Jones, can't be trusted. (hey, someone notice my short fat ass, please) They seem to love him on Coast to Coast. I don't know if I can trust Coast to Coast anyway. Like Art Bell talking to a guy, about to fly into area 51 with a light plane. If all media is under control, then why not Coast to Coast? Have to admit, it does help to pass the "Time" away, listening to the interviewees. Their are a lot of good news that comes from it, Red Elk was good listening to. The talk Jeff Willes put on at the last MUFON meeting, can be found on You Tube. "Phoenix MUFON Meeting Featuring Jeff Willes UFO Hunter" Dr. Ruth McKinley-Hover can be seen on another You Tube video called "Phoenix Lights Documentary" Good quote from someone, 'ignorance is bliss, until you die because of it. That's what a handful of people are trying to do. Save mankind from mankind, for mankind is the greatest danger to mankind. Many have been killed over the years trying, including Jesus if the Bible is correct. Keep looking up, you might find "God", or maybe a helper. bye

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