Sunday, August 31, 2008

"Angels or Enemy"

Here is the "Alien" dilemma, to trust or fear. Ask the American government and they will say they don't exist. And if the do exist, you better fear them. By the way, can we have your money to stop them from invading the Earth and eating you? To me they are Angels, they have keep me from having a doctor. They talk to me, late into the evening, they warn me, tell me to warn others. If you are any of the World's current leaders, they are your worst night mare. They are the ones who gave you a distorted face as you age, made you short and fat. Made you look obvious to those that are educated. No educated person would ever believe a word from any of the current politicians. An educated person, can see the deceit in the World leaders eyes, can read their mind, through their eyes. An educated person lives in fear of the uneducated ones who are in power, and are supported by the uneducated ones. The educated ones, believe this journey on Earth is a spiritual one. The uneducated believe the World is only for the taking. The uneducated ones will destroy the species, know as mankind. The uneducated believe it is their place to control others. The educated, have no use for government, or "Time" to waste on such adventures. The uneducated, need government to protect and provide for them. Some of the uneducated think it is their job to control the other uneducated beings. The uneducated, base everything on how much money and power you have. The educated have no use for either, other than basics to survive. The educated will survive on in the Universe, the uneducated, hope for the best at death. If you are spiritual on your journey on Planet Earth, the "Aliens" are Angels. For the rest, they are your enemy.

This is why the American government needs to build some sort of Star Wars protection form those from above. They are the uneducated and the "Aliens" are the enemy. Look in all you current politicians eyes, do you see an educated person in their? Does, Hillary, Bill, Bush's, McCain, Obama and the rest, have trust in their eyes? If you think you see trust in their eyes, then you are part of the uneducated. You are the ones that constantly take from others. The uneducated person tries to take advantage of the humble person. The humble person lives in the future, the uneducated person lives in the presence. Do ever think someone like Bush and Chaney ever gave a thought about what happens to them after this life? That would be obviously no, they never gave it a thought. How could you and still be part of 911 and the rest of history, after wards. Bush and Chaney took theirs now, with out even a thought of tomorrow. They want you to be just like them. Turn on your TV, go to the movies, their they are, soul less. They gave away their souls long ago. They want you to give up your soul, so they are not alone in Hell. Are you willing to do that, then you are part of the uneducated, rite along side them in Hell. Sure hope you are not living in the middle classes or lower, because what in the Hell, was the point in selling your soul?

Why are their 4,000 National Guard members headed for New Orleans now? Why is G.W. going to visit the area, why are the Republicans so willing to help now? What do they know the rest of the country doesn't know? What are the odds of another Katrina type storm hitting the same area of the Gulf? Why did the republicans ignore New Orleans call for help the last "Time"? Just seems odd, they are putting in a lot of effort in something that by the odds, shouldn't be happening. You would think they knew where Gustav was going to hit landfall. Little ugly McCain is going to send his corrupt vice presidential choice down to see if any money can be made off of this. The person that's gets to be president has already been decided. Don't tell that to the uneducated, they might pull a gun and shoot you. Not like you could say, I trust these Cats now. Last "Time" Bush flew over New Orleans, he watched the Blacks and the poor drown from Air Force One in the air. Is he now possibly a human, with a soul? That was a dream, Bush is a cold blooded murder. Maybe Bush can go down and pass out pictures of a Skull and Cross Bones to the citizens as a calling card. Teach them a few bitchin sacred words, they can use to get into heaven, he's cool. What a disgrace for a human being, a waste of "Time", a baby killer. Just all seems to odd, maybe this "Time" they will do the job rite. And New Orleans will be no more, just a lake called, New Orleans. (You can't lock up all the Blacks.)

No matter if they are Angels or a enemy, the skies are starting to fill with site of these so called visitors. Don't let other decide for you what is the correct answer. Look into your own thought pattern and see for your self. No one you can trust more than your own self thoughts. Read, think and think some more. It would appear something is about to happen. As the old song goes, the signs are every where, like Jesus in the sky. (Jackson Browne) It may not be Jesus or something you want to see, you just know it's their. Every dog has his day, is yours approaching? I think I have already seen enough signs, just as the Bible says. The rite people will be given a sign, a warning of things to come. If you have received your sign, your probably running from the Material World. If you have not received your sign, then you are doing the same old BS, give me more, I deserve more. Too bad they turned the Bible into a religion, just as the people that followed the original Mayans did. History is on the Popul Vuh and Bibles side, just not the chaos called religion. Here's hoping you get your sign in "Time" to save mankind. If not, see ya, wouldn't want to be ya. Sunday night dreams and journeys, hope you have a soft landing on your return. bye

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