Thursday, September 4, 2008

"White Trash, White House"

The World must be laughing at America and the Republican party. Little short bitter John McCain and Alaska's best rendition of White Trash. What a winning combination for president, but that decision has long ago been made, by others. A person who says it's "God's" will, American is in Iraq and Alaska has it's oil pipe line. Yep you can't do much better than this. I look at the two of them and think of the theories about Reptilian minds. These two look pretty basic to me, mouth, penis mentality. Look at the children, the seed doesn't fall very far from the tree. This unites, Alaskan oil with the military, what did Ike say? Think about the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz. Had no heart, carried a oil can in one hand and a sword in the other. They throw it rite in your faces and you don't even see it. Looking at the citizens of America and saying this is what the fuck were doing to you. Rite over their heads, people more concerned about Sarah Palin's daughter. It worked for Britney Spears, keeps her in the news, instead of Afghanistan and Iraq. Lets you think it's OK for your family to be as fucked up as the Vice presidential choice family. All this sublime messages being processed into your head. Mean while back at the ranch, it's leaked out that McCain's military adviser say they shouldn't be pulling out of Iraq. Tic, tic ,tic, a piece at a "Time", filling your mind with facts that are lies. Tic, tic, tic, until you have no soul at all, tic, tic, tic.

Scrolling through YT, found the last MUFON meeting I attended, it had the first presenter Michael Polani. "Arizona Crop Circle Presentation by Michael Polani" All 5 parts are their complete with every ones comments and questions. I was nervously awaiting to hear what I had had to say.(MUFOM Metting 16 August 08 Mesa Az. blog) I saw the fifth part first, and Michael Polani, gestured over to me when the question about trusting any body from the system. I can only remember parts of what I had said, because it's like one of my sons said about me, "don't get dad going". Always keep low key until certain things arouse my fur. I guess the things I said, scare others, my words and the comment rite after it, by someone else, was removed. The entire presentation their, not me. If I'm so full of shit, why remove my words. Makes me realize that these good words I have from other, are being covered up, why? Was their just a little to much truth, for general public? Where they remove on the spot, or did You Tube remove them. My blog is from Google and they own You Tube. Google lets me rant and rave. E-mailed a friend who is into these kinds of things. He said the government and Google are in bed together. Bottom line, I'm damn proud of my self.

Most of my stories come from notes I make later in the evening. Then the next day, I'll try and figured out what was the meaning of the words, that came into my head, while in deep thought. Few tokes, couple of beers, one light on, alone, see what you find. Sound familiar, "Shamans" from around the World. I didn't invent this, this was given to me by others to carry on. Like the story of Moses, everyone has their own mission here on Earth. To do what is in your head and not what others put into your head. Circumstance got everyone where their at, not them. Circumstances got me here and circumstances got you where you are. All just part of the Universe, which you have no control over. I liked what Michael Polani said at the conclusion of his presentation. The Crop Circles, the "Aliens", the Kachinas, and all the other paranormal, all go hand in hand. The only unnatural thing, is the governments of the World trying to cover this all up. Like why do you only see one side of the Moon? Every thing else rotates, in this part of the Universe, doesn't it? I think it's just a big old "Time" clock, that helps control events on the Earth, just as the Sun does. It's like "God" had someone drag it into place, before mankind was introduced. No one has "Time" for these thoughts, what about Sarah Palin's children and Rudy Giuiliani's sex lives. That's what you'll get a steady diet of. If you remember Howard Hughes, you will love this interview on gregti1967 site called "Secret Life of Howard Hughes and His Friends" Gustav misses New Orleans and the republicans miss a giant opportunity to act like they care. bye

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