Friday, September 5, 2008

"Lizards on My Patio"

Got a few cool lizards living on my patio, I talk to. They are great leapers, like cats, I praise them for their abilities. Their was a smaller one living with the big ones. Haven't seen him lately, guess maybe the birds got him. Or just like the humans living on Mother Earth, the larger ones, may have ate him. When I look at the politicians running for office, I see my lizards. No more, no less, shelter, food, sex, a simple live. Eat or be eaten, is the law of the land. (as the Kachina of the out doors looks on) That is all the folks running for office, living like simple lizards. The lizards have no fear of death or what happens after death. The lizards have no tax man to fear, no preacher telling them are are doomed to hell, if they don't listen to his words and give money to him. The lizards don't have to worry about what the other lizards think of them. They never attempt to think about why they are a live, or when they may die. It's all hand to mouth, mouth to penis simple. For the most part, this is humanity state of being today. If humanity ever spent, a real moment, thinking about what lies ahead. This World would be and look a whole lot different. That's the mentality of most of humanity and all the fucking politicians, a lizards mentality, with torture. Living for the moment, never looking up to the skies for help. Now look at poor old Mother Earth, she has been raped by this lizard mentality. I love my lizards and I believe, they also have a place with, the spirituality's of the Universe. But they are not human, they are a different species. So the humanity that thinks like the Bush's, Chaney type, are they just simple lizards? Were they not given a more advance type of thinking, (up-grade) like some of humanity? Does it matter, will they all be removed from the state of "Being" anyway? (Bush, Cheney daughters) Just don't know how you can escape the Karma of things, or Yin Yang.

Speaking of lower forms of humanity, look whats happening in St. Paul at the RNC. Mass arrest on people trying to record what is going on inside and around the convention. Just like Hitler's Germany, arrest them all, keep all the evidence. The country has just gotten totally out of control now. The government has poisoned the minds of the police, and turned them into lower forms animals. "God" only know what kinds of thing the system puts in the air and water of the police. Look at the kids returning back from Iraq. They had been given chemical to make them more ruthless, or primitive, now their all killing them self's and others. How do you convince a cop, that these are the people, that are trying to stop us from taking all your freedoms away, now sick em. They surely must have some chemical control over their minds. The people they are fighting and arresting are they them self. How do you turn brother against brother so easily? This is what you are now approaching, the sixties all over again. The youth trying to show the rest of the country, whats being done to them. Now with the Patriots Act all hell has broke loose. Just what they wanted after the inside job on 911. Got the poor old countries citizens, rite by the throat. Guys like Jesses Ventura standing up and saying, if enough of you die for the cause. I'll come join the cause, from some where in Mexico. Where I'm safe from the Americans. Instead of giving up what he has. He first wants to see a few kids die first, just another political whore. Looking for fame and some of your money.

Listen to some interviews on YT, to some of the people arrested in St, Paul. The local police with help from out of state police as adviser, used the Probable Cause tactics. Or said their was a hostage situation, so they could enter a room, with their guns drawn. Hitler, Hitler, Hitler. Could arrest any group or individual, on these grounds and unfortunately did. Fuck, still can't believe this is still going on, never a moments rest. The things I write about and the things that have been written long ago, are coming to pass. Those that created Hitler, are those that control life in America today. Used Hitler to deal with the Jews. Just as they used the American Calvary to dispose of the American Indian. Set up WWI, to exterminate millions of middle eastern Europeans. The same folks have now taken away the personal rites of all of America citizens. The only thing stopping them total control, are all the arm citizens of America. They have already done it to the Europeans, Chinese have always been under control. The rest of the World is under control, by having to spend all their energy on providing food and shelter. Just need now to round up all the armed to the hilt, citizens of America. That's why they wanted the Brady Act so much. Probably shot him them self's, just like Pat Tillman. Now that Moses is dead, Charlton Heston, they can finish the job, maybe? I'd like to all the guns removed my self, but the alternative is much worse. 2012 racing toward the bondage of the citizens of the World, something got to explode soon. Are we their yet. bye PS Ret. Col. Sam Gardner is telling the news media, that now their are already troops in Iran. Ain't this fun.

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