Saturday, September 6, 2008

"Religions, Cults and other Similar Nonsense"

Strength in numbers, is that all religions is? Do you feel better about your self, if their is someone beside you. How few, can walk alone and not fear the dark? Is that the true way for future growth? Can you only grow spiritually, if you can face the dark by your self? The answer is yes. The weak will not prevail in the future. When I say weak, I mean the mentally weak, not the physically weak. Your personality is the only thing that survives death on Earth. How you develop your personal identity. Is the only thing you take with you, from this journey here on Mother Earth. If you can't move beyond personal lust, then what are you needed for in the future? Lust stop with death and if you lived for personal lust. Then where you die, that's it. Do you think their is a greater lust after this ride? Drop you into the fire, and see what you are really made of. Life on Planet is Earth is only a test. One of many, that is, if you survive the first step into the future, here on Planet Earth. Organized religions are only one of many barriers you must cross to be able to call your self a survivor. Organized religion gives you a place to rest, but not a place to help you into the future. You must be able to walk alone, in the dark and trust those above will protect you. You can not get their by attending some organized group or religion. All religions, the Elks, Freemasons, Illuminati and so on, are places of refuge for the weak who cannot stand alone. How many of the above can truly be alone, sleep alone, make it on their own. None of the above, they all seek comfort in numbers. Numbers that are like them, weak and need constant attention and praise. Anyone who seeks the spot light, is scared of being alone. Look at your president, he is no more than a lap dog to his wife. A small weak dog that needs constant attention. He doesn't sleep alone, he still needs his mothers womb to keep him safe at night, in his mind. He was the runt of the litter. If you fear the dark, then their are things in dark that you put their. You fear your self, you know your self, you know how really self indulged you have been. You fear your own Karma, coming back to get you weak ass.

This fear of what you have become, drives into a church or Cult. Looking for other weak individuals that you can find comfort in. Misery loves company as the saying goes. You can join a group, just by standing up in front of the others and make an ass of your self. You probably already good at that. Prove to others how weak you are, so they won't be threatened by you. Just like the Skull and Cross Bone group, the Bush's and other belong to. Get naked, make some bitch-in pledge or allegiance to the group, your fucking in. An just like a church, they will help you find income. But first of all, you must be weak an unable to stand on your own two feet, be able to take orders. (the president of the United States) Mankind is weak, and fears the dark he cannot control, so most individuals need the group. A primitive instinct, mankind may never conquer, 'a pack of humans'. The Planet already has, groups of animals for this. You can only develop your own personality from your self. Not a conglomeration of a group or order. If you do that, then you have become a clone, just exactly what the system is trying to do you already. Get that tattoo, join the church, find a cult you can follow, just do not become an individual. Individuals spirit cannot be controlled. Be an individual, that's what "God" really had in mind for you, it would seem. Would "God" need a bunch of clones building things for him, in praise? The World is full of these clone types of personalities, why be just another? Don't be afraid to walk alone and answer to a higher thought, than those around you here on Earth. Find true peace of mind, in your own mind, it's free. "God" gave you a wonderful brain, to be used for your personal development. Not to be merely a tool of others. Feed your belly, but feed your mind even more. Feed your mind and free your self from those around you. Believe others from above, will take care of you, by being an individual. The clones have the most to fear, because they are already scared.

Looking for information on Plasma energy, found these cats out of Nevada. "Electromagnetics and Pulsed Powered Laboratories" Check their neat little site out for a quick lesson on future sources of energy for space travel, has a UFO connection. Found this on gregti1967 "Aleister Crowley, Satanist and M16/M15 British Spy" The author tells of a WWII spy and how America was dragged into or made to appear they where dragged into WWII. I think it was all set up to start with. All conflicts in resent history where prearranged by a few controlling interest. The masses are easily controlled, and have been for centuries. It's that lust thing, that makes them so controllable. Tell them someone want to take away their pussy and alcohol, they'll go kill for you. bye

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