Sunday, September 7, 2008

"Poisoning the Children"

Why is their mercury in children's vaccination shots? It's all about turning your children against the adults, by turning them in to non thinking clones. Their is nothing you eat or drink, that isn't contaminated with chemicals. Chemicals your government lets big business put on your diet. The government tells the citizens, that sugar is bad for them. Then let the chemical companies create artificial sweeteners that poison the citizens. It's like your in constant war with your own government to keep them from killing you, the very people that pay their way. Just another example of how out of control the government is, and has been. Nations around the World will not buy American beef, but you are told if you don't eat beef, you will die from malnutrition. Go to any fast for restaurant and your food is loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners. The very chemicals, that make you addicted to their poisoned foods. Look at America's children's faces and skin. They are all suffering from theses poisons. Their brain functions has been modified by these chemicals. It has turned them into sluggish, non thinking humans, that are easily controlled. If this isn't bad enough, the citizens are proud of the fact their children are off fighting a war to benefit only the wealthy. Dumbing of America my ass, they have already been dumbed up. Parents killing off their own children with the very things they feed them at home. Sad part, most are to uneducated to know this and their is no way to inform them , with the media under total control. Only thing that will save future generations, is help from above. Laws have been put in place while you where sleeping, that stop you from protecting your own children from the government.

Here in the southwestern United States, their are massive drug wars going on, for control of the drug routes across the boarders. Almost all the little towns south of the boarder here in Arizona are controlled by Mexican drug 'Cartels'. That are in partners with secret government of America. The secret government, needs Marijuana and it's massive amounts of profits to help finance their control, of the citizens of America. That's why you will never see Marijuana legalized, just to much money to be had. Legalize it, their goes your need for all those judges, police officers and jails. Just one more way, the controlled citizens of America are being raped, by their own government. Think of the tax revenues from the sales of marijuana. See how much you could improve the schools. The system doesn't want your children better educated, so throw that idea out the door. See, just one battle after another with the corrupt system here in America. (The naive, being eaten by the soulless.) The American government gives money to the Mexican government to fight the drug lords. But who know where that money goes, 911. The World is so corrupt you can see why those that create, return to cleanse the Planet once again. The inevitable has happened and you all got caught, in the middle of it. Maybe you where an innocence by stander, or you where part of the problem. Unfortunately here you stand, poisoned by those, that you thought you could trust. In this system, fathers eat their children and children eat their fathers. No different than the Lizards on my patio. By the way, when I was in the Navy in Hawaii, we called the gay sailors, 'Lizard killers'. That was, because of the sound they made at night, from their part of the barracks.

Heard an interesting comment on a Coast to Coast interview. With the way the Patriot Act stands today. If their was a fake UFO attack, then could the government round up all those citizens that belong to groups such as MUFON? Good question, damn look what they have done in the past and are doing currently. Wow, theses are some crazy "Times" now. Where good nutrition and knowledge is becoming against the law. 911 changed all the rules and all freedoms for the citizens of America. All groups are once again subject to arrest. Technically, you could arrest the people of a MUFON meeting. After all, they are a group and they discussing some thing the government says doesn't exist.(inciting a riot) Does these mean, to the government? That the good folks at a MUFON meeting, are conspiring to help the "Aliens"? Could you round them all up, for conspiring with the enemy? How far does one take the Patriot Act, that's the scary part. They are already bankrupting you, with out laddish government spending, in an attempt to bankrupt America.(Hitler) Could a record of you buying a book about UFOs, give 'Probable Cause' to inter your home? It's kind of like, 'thank "God" all my neighbors are will armed'. That's why the Brit that's always on Coast to Coast (David I.) says, if their is a stopping of the control by one group. It must come from America and their well armed citizens and their love of individuality. The Europeans rolled over and became under one basic law, with open boarders. Now the citizens are having second thoughts about the whole thing. That change in Europe, will polarize them even more. You will travel between different ethnic towns and villages. Be like the south with their black towns. Call it what you want to call it, in the end, it's one World government. With no individuality aloud, freedom lovers, they would be the freaks. I don't believe it can totally be pulled off. Others have tried, they all failed, who would you tax when people gave up. bye

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