Saturday, September 13, 2008

"Scottsdale Police and a Alien"

As I asked a Scottsdale police supervisor a few years ago, Did I leave the Planet for a while and come back to, 'living in a police state'? He said no, we are not living in a police state. That "Time" a short young black police officer had pulled me and a son over three "Times". All three "Times" he said he made a mistake, but ran me through the police computers anyway. Typical small man's intellect coming through. They must wonder about me, because of stories about "Alien" friends, Kachina and Orgon Generator on patio. Sad, because I had have a few Scottsdale cop friends over the years. The female cops, always have a wave or a smile for me. For the most part, I get the feeling, they know I'm up to some thing, but their not smart enough to figure out what. If they where intelligent, they wouldn't be putting their lives on the line for minimum wage. I'm not saying all the Scottsdale police are ignorant, but some Scottsdale cops are in the news a lot for doing stupid things. Like attacking a cab driver because he was from India or the middle east, while drunk in his cab. Chief of polices daughter's troubles, sex while in duty and on and on. The latest incident happened a few nights ago, in the early morning. I hear my door bell ring, I laid their hoping it was some kid. Next I hear what a friend described as a cop knock. I get up to see who it is. Go to the door ask who is it, yelling back, Scottsdale police department. First thing I think about, are the comments I had made at a MUFON meeting that where removed on You Tube. Then all the things I write about in my blogs, fuck, I'm thinking. Funny all the thing that race through your mind, in those kinds of moments. Go to my self 'Oh well', no place to run. Open the door, cop doesn't tell me his name or show a badge. Just starts asking me if I'm a lone, shinning a flash light through my screen door, into my living room. I reply yes I'm alone, he says their was a domestic violence call. Told him it was probably the girl that lived below me. She a waitress at one of the fancy night clubs in Old Town Scottsdale, $. This was common, jealous boy friend get drunk and their you go. The cops know damn well who I am and who comes and goes from the Old "Alien's" home. That's what bothers me, who sent the kid. Will my "Alien" friends kill him off, along with the person who sent him to sniff me? The past, has shown this to happen. Isn't that called the learning curve? (their a pattern that starting to develop here) Their is a lot going on in the Universe, most never see or ever will. Curiosity killed the Cat, didn't it? Wish I had a way to keep track of the young cop's health, that came to my door. You Tube, 100% Stupid Cops

Just to keep the ball rolling in the same general direction, 60 Minutes with, Bob Woodward. As if the Jew's had a bad enough name for them self's, Bob Woodward keeps the ball rolling. His new book telling how the Surge had worked because of a new special weapon. First of all, how in the fuck does anybody really know if the 'Surge' is truly working. Personally I don't have any friends on the ground in Iraq to report back to me, on how things are going, do you? Good old Bob working for a Jewish controlled media that is controlled by a entity much bigger than it. The entity that controls Bob and his friends, is the same one that killed off the Jew during WWII. So trying to believe any thing 60 Minutes or Bob has to say would be damn near impossible for me. I could only take a few moments listening to the lies coming from Mr. Bob's mouth. Off with the TV, once again, only had it on to hear of this new bitchin weapon. The propaganda machine wants the World to believe they have a weapon that can seek out the bad guys called the Al Qaeda. Personally, me and most of the rest of the World, don't believe America even went to the Moon, now you expect the World to buy into this? The good news, bad news of this story is. Only the brain washed uneducated Americans will buy into this. And to the system that controls America, that's all they need. Let Bob the Jew make an ass of himself, money is more important than a soul, isn't it Bob? Government wants everyone to think, that if they even have bad thoughts about America, 'Big Brother' will know what you are thinking. (eye over pyramid on dollar) This is the same people that blotched the cover up of 911. The World and half of America knows 911 was an inside job. (You Tube, Pentagon on Fire before Collapse.) Was it Hitler who said? 'If they don't believe the first lie, tell a bigger one'.

Who says the Canadians are dumb, You Tube, 'The Secret NASA Transmissions - The Smoking Gun from zheth2'. This gentleman has recorded all or most the NASA videos coming from space missions that are broad cast live back to Earth. He has some great footage of all the oddities floating around in the camera views on missions. It's so obvious, that he thinks NASA wants people to know what going on. The Russian Cosmonauts have some great footage of UFOs. As one Russian astronaut said, ' if you see something, never take your eyes off it, you may never see something like that again. It's true, after a UFO sighting, you just want the object to come back and confirm your original sighting and thoughts. Theirs fear and peace at the same "Time". Like leaving the presence and entering into another realm. Your some what comfortable with the presence, but want to know of the future. All of a sudden the UFO phenomenon is getting some traction, getting more press from the controlled press that is. Now what to make of it, bull shit or some actual knowledge? Knowing full well the media can't be trusted, whats the real plan? Has it simply gotten out of hand, with all the recent UFO sightings? Can't keep the Cat in the bag any longer. Those that have had sightings, won't be fooled easily. For those that haven't, will they be given the true picture? Or are the "Aliens" going to handle it them self's? Some thing is pushing this forward. Their is nothing in the government, that this sort of knowledge is good for, so why now? People will realize they have been lied to all these years news. How will they react to the news? How are the Catholics reacting to their resent news of the "Alien", no press on that dimension. A great quote, ' half of what I say to you is meaningless, but necessary'. Tuesday September 16, on ABC Primetime, 'Seeing is Believing', (amen) with David Muir, rehashes the UFO phenomenon. See if they give the subject a fair break, or the same old bull shit. bye

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