Sunday, September 14, 2008

"Eat American, Die Young"

A sure form of suicide is, eating an American diet and fast foods. Eating red meats are bad enough, but American red meats are band in many countries. Why, because of a thing call Mad Cow Disease. Look at all the fast food restaurant commercials, showing people gorging on their bacon loaded hamburger. Half pound of red meat, topped with bacon, artificial chess, encased in white death bread, oh boy. I think I''ll have some greasy fries and a coke with that, so my diet is balanced. All brought to you by big business and your government who wants you to die before age 65. Why, because they have already stolen your retirement funds. Being a carnivore is why all citizens who eat "God's" animals, live in sin, just as the Bible says. Society has turned this all around, just as the Christians do to their own Bible, to make it conform to the sins they live with. The primitive American who has been brain washed into thinking that he will die from malnutrition if they don't eat meat daily. American citizens that have been brain washed to attack, those that don't eat "God's" creations. The same citizens that offer their children, to the system, to go die in a foreign land for systems personal enjoyment. The enjoyment, of knowing the citizens of America are under their mind control. If you want control over your mind and body, you must first become a vegetarian. "You are the accumulation of all the plants you use for your physical health and all the plants you use for your mental health".

It's Sunday and for me that usually means, 'Sunday Night Dreams and Travel'. Found a author named William Buhlman, who writes about, out of body experiences. He believes that abducties and people who have out of body experiences, have nearly the same journeys. He believes that their are many parallel Universes that you live in. (String theory) Those like me, who know they go on journeys, and those who's dreams take them places. I have marks, others have memories, of a better place. Everyone leaves, that's why you go mad with out sleep. You live in both realities and both you must visit, to stay normal. Goes rite back to the Yin, Yang of things. The Mayan, duality of everything, night and day.(sleep just means, entering another realm) When you go to sleep, your body rebuilds, but you mind never stops. The mind needs no rest, just the person carrying it. (Dr. Ruth talked about this in her MUFON talk.) William Bulhman was dead on, when he talked about the hard ships of reentry. This can be a very painful experience, so bad, I asked for a soft landing, by saying a short prayer before sleep. (may I have a soft landing, "God" bless) Two of his books are called, "Adventures Beyond the Body" and "The Secret of the Soul". Also has a great interview on You Tube called, 'The Secret of the Soul' on a Coast to Coast show. So much great knowledge out their now, "God", I just hope it's getting out their.

Everything just belongs to the banks anyway, so why kill yourself just to manage more of the banks money? If you own lots of stuff, and manage lots of stuff, you get a little better life style. Not noticing you are also giving up years of your life for this privilege. Such a fine trap that has been laid out by those who really run the show, called mankind. You've train that person, that if he wants the Porche, he will need to fuck over 50 people a year. And just as the Jewish media would do, you jump at the money, the hell with your soul. All about the material World and nothing to do with the Spiritual World. Will 2012 break the back bone of this mentality? My blog sure as hell, isn't going to do it. Great quote from the last person you would think connected to the Hopi myth about Spider Women. Rite from the mouth of the president of the, Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. We all know, "The Twelfth Maiden is in Charge of the World". See how truly small the world really is. Half way around the world, from Northern Arizona, a Hopi rendition of Spider Women and how she wove the Universe. The controllers keeping the controlled by separation of minds, which would leads to Peace if they got together and their is no money in that. Just as they told Tesla when he said he could offer the World free energy, where do you stick the meter, was the answer?

This came to me when talking to a friend about the conditions of living in America now. 'Instead of hoping the government will protect me from the the "Aliens", I'm hoping the "Aliens" are protecting me from the government'. We both got a good laugh, but reality set in quickly. That is living in America today, sad. This came about while were looking at the milky sky above our heads from the chem-trails. A constant fight to try and put a tie on the Pig, that has become America. As most men my age say, we feel sorry for the younger generation. If they don't wake up soon, they will be all enslaved. Hard sell to someone who can't see the forest for the trees. Like arguing with a women, a drunk or an old wealthy man or women, tough gig. I'm just riding along, waiting to see what 2012 will bring. Hoping the good people will find each other, for now their are sperated. The powers at be, surely must have a plan, but will it matter in the big picture. As before in history, I believe those above, hold all the cards. Those on the ground, that hold the cards over the controlled masses, have no cards in this battle. A battle of the created, thinking they have become greater than the "Creator". Sound like an old story from the Bible and many other cultures. Biting the very hand that created them. Greed has no mind or fore thought, only the moment. 'Sunday Night Dreams and Journeys', "God'' Bless and soft landing. bye

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