Saturday, September 20, 2008

"Phoenix MUFON Meeting, 20 Sept. 08"

As the group expands, meeting where moved to the main Mesa library. Today the speakers where from the "Phoenix Lights 3", Dr. Lynn Kitei, Terri Mansfield and Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle. Nothing real new from this group, just rehashing the Phoenix Lights controversy. I mainly wanted to hear who had removed my comments from the last meeting. Was it Google, You Tube, the government or MUFON? Went up to the president of the Phoenix chapter and asked if the tape left their hands complete. You know, when someone starts 'motor boating', I start getting scared. That was what exactly happened, when I asked him the question. He was the first one to make a positive comment to my comments about the News 3 copter. With that, I just figured he could be trusted. Their is always a little doubt in my mind when ever the MUFON group thing comes up any way. But I've learned to take these thing in stride living in the land of the, 'not so free'. As his eyes started darting around the room and floor, as he tried to explain, what happened to my words. Clearly he was hiding something from me, I new it, my "Alien" buds knew it. He was already answering my question. Like all debunkers, the eyes tell the story. Make sense, another attempt by the government to nip the truth in the bud. I have my agenda, he had his and of course the powers at be, have their agenda. My agenda is the only one that involves the truth. The president of Phoenix chapter, either by fear or money, had his. I have honest eyes, he doesn't, now when he sees me, he will have to look away. By fate, Mike Polani was at the meeting today and I told him of my conversation with the President of MUFON. His reply, oh no, then rolled his eyes around his head. It was him talking about News 3 wanting to interview him the next day. After he was taking photos of the Chandler Crop Circle, that started all this, anyway. (I felt he could be trusted, to pass this on to.) Sadly, the older I get, the less trust worthy I'm getting. Reality is I'm here, and must try and live amongst the bull shit lies. All just like some stories told by the Annunaki, about mankind.

Started making comments on You Tube videos, here is my first response, miss spelling and all. 'Shut your dumb ass up. The hinduism religion got books older then the bible. The native indians culture is primative compared to eastern religions and philosophy'. (always been good at getting peoples emotions going) Response to my comments on the 'Video The Legends of Atlantis - It's Time to wake Up' pt. 3 'The Native American tribe the swastika came from, was the "Hopi" of northern Arizona. Read the, "Book of the Hopi" much to learn from them. Knowledge comes from the past, not the presence'. Me trying to say, just one of many books that can be used to gain knowledge. His response was more like a Christian's response. Read one book in my life, now I will defend it to my death, or yours. Didn't the Dali Lama recently visit the Hopi of Norther Arizona, to praise them. He praised them, because basically, they talk the same language, when it comes to the great Universe. This is what you, the World has ended up with. A bunch of different races trying to defend 'something'. That 'something' is basically the same 'something', as the people they chose to harm. I've always been a Pantheist, with out knowing it. Simple, I dig your "God" too, as long as your "God" teaches you not to steal my truck, he's cool with me. To easy, money cannot be made from this, no wars, no boarders, no governments. As for the kids comments from above. At least the Hindu's are cool, unless they want to sell you something that might get you into heaven. money, money, money

Listening to something in the back ground and heard this line. Jesus came to the Earth looking for some souls. Did he know by looking around himself, that their where none to be had? So he would of had to sit out and convert himself some souls? Where their no souls, because the heathen's had not had anybody yet, from the Earth go to the sky and bring back some answers? Was mankind to primitive to have one of their kind, make this leap? Is what happening now in the skies, a precursor for this now to happen? The return of a higher meaning, a higher thought? In the end, you can only trust those that have the answers in your head. Think, think, think, read, read, read, then think some more, "God" put it in you. Here is some odds and ends found this week. From David Michaelrobinson on You Tube, *Sep. 14th 2008* MICKEY MOUSE IS A MARKED MAN, 14th Sep 2008 Canadian Prime Minister Tell All On The UFO. The movie Roswell - The UFO Cover Up, is on therealmaxgforce site.(good movie) A female state senator from Arizona has her statement about 911 on You Tube called. NEWS 911 inside job-Karen Johnson brings truth. (bet some how, she isn't re-elected) This black guy has a good site called 2Loooooong, on You Tube. (CONFRONTATION WITH HOSTILE SHEEP) Remember, life is like bowling, 'you can't strike the pins, if you don't throw the ball down the alley. bye

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Jim said...

Regarding the Phoenix MUFON meeting of September 20th!

It was a good day; perhaps the information was not so new to this blogger. So what? This was new information to many in attendance that day, as was apparent by the positive comments received after the meeting. Every month we see new faces, our mission is simply to raise the bar of awareness toward the UFO/ET enigma. Your experience with the News 3 chopper may be good stuff… I have not had the time nor reason to investigate your allegations and most likely I will not. (not now) Since you know me and I know you, my comment and /or suggestion is; you’re either part of the solution or a part of the problem - rather than suspiciously complain and find fault with other groups or people, here’s what you CAN do to be part of the solution. Establish your own organization, develop a website, do something constructive with you blog! Host a few educated speakers \ authors\ lectures \ investigators on the subject of secret government agencies or what ever topic of discussion fits your fancy. Video tape your meetings and comments. Then simply post them on your website. It’s that easy! BUT rather than make an accusations simply contact me at or better yet talk to me in person at the meeting. I promise I will look you square in the eyes. I have nothing to hide, come talk to me! If you do not believe what I tell you I’m sorry. You feel you can trust no one, I am sorry also. There are many good people out here in the real world. However I’m not a as you put it (a bull shit liar). The only threat is in your mind. You obviously know very little about the structure of the MUFON organization. If you don’t trust the organization then don’t show up at the meetings. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings if you just stay away. There may have been dozens of comments cut from the 3 hour August MUFON meeting. I have no idea, it was not my video. We allowed a very creditable UFO group into the room to video tape the meetings with written permission from the speakers. We have nothing to hide. What they post on their website is there business. They are gracious enough to allow us to link to their website so we too could post the video on our MUFON site. This is how it all works. There is no hocus pocus, no secret government agents, no hidden agenda. If you have issues with Channel 3 I’m sorry. MUFON can do nothing about it. We are just simple people, who work for a living, doing what is interesting and fun sharing in a work being done my thousands across the globe. What are you doing?
MUFON is a non prophet organization, the meetings are open to the public, and we do not charge admission. Everything is done through volunteer help and donations. We have a great group of educated people from all economic and social walks of life. So Mr. Blogger, you are welcome to come and help us out by volunteering your time and services for this cause. You are not alone, every one of us have a story or an experience to share, this is why we are involved. We want to find out, we want to know the truth. We welcome you! But PLEASE keep your finger pointing to yourself. This is a new MUFON with new ideas focused on the spiritual side of life as well as the physical world around us.

Jim Mann
Maricopa County Section Director (not president)
Phoenix area MUFON chapter.