Sunday, September 21, 2008

"Needing Protection From the Creeps"

Has America's citizens being set up for the final blow? Every citizen in America, owes the rest of the countries in the World a half million each. Now where is the money coming from to bail out all the failed financial institutions? How can the creeps that control the country, expect the citizens, now to foot the bill for the bail out. Is this the beginning of the final set up, to kill off the dollar and the boarders of America. Business every where are failing, unemployment is rising, so where is the money going to come from. At this pace, soon the citizens of America will simply give up trying to make money. Your dollar is worthless and what little you have will be taxed to death. Then you have soulless bastards like, Joe Biden saying the citizens should be proud to pay higher taxes, they should show their patriotism. That mother fucking creep, is just part of the destruction, of what America one was. Look at the fat turd, he's old and he is lazy, what does he have to offer? Nothing but lies, like the rest of the people that are destroying the country. The sheep or average citizen is being lead to the slaughter. Not by the people they elected, but by the people that where chosen for them to pick from. People are not voting for who they what, they are voting for candidates that where picked for them, by their ability to be dishonest and deceitful. I like the term the kids use on the net,' the sheeple'. That's the citizen of this country, mere sheep, lead by the black ones, or unfit. The citizens have been set up to take away their equity in their homes. What's happening now, is no different that when they removed the gold from behind the dollar. Here is the depression all over again, but instead of gold they are stealing from the citizens of America, it's their home equity. The sheep just set and watch, to uneducated to know what is happening to them, bah, bah, bah. I don't know why I even care, these same sheep, have done me no favors over the years. Mostly their no different than the people they think they elect. Stealing for the most part, is the American way. How can I make money by doing nothing, syndrome.

Thinking about the statement made by the person from MUFON who removed my words. Wasn't groups like MUFON created to so that people words are not edited out. So what the fucking point of having groups like MUFON? So where the fuck is Dan Akroyd, and his cigarette? It seems to be true, the powers at be, have their collective fingers in every thing. This all quite easily done, by using the individuals own greed to control them. Take one of your your more primitive types, make sure they are in charge, then offer them pennies for their souls. Looking at congress, or the people running for president, this appears to be, a simple task. Probably a cheep investment, by removing governmental barriers from their path to more profits. It's seems more and more, Kennedy was the last true president. What you have now is all just pretend, and the sheep accept this. In fact, they will go to other countries and kill for it, the sheep, bah, bah, bah. The citizens have spoken and they have said, eat me, bankrupt me. Like a show on Fox, telling people they have to prepare for the separation of the wealthy from the poor. Teaching them how to treat the super wealthy, and accept it. Basically saying, good bye, American middle class. See how they throw it into everyone faces, but the sheep never even notice what is happening to them. Their just out getting more tattoos, screaming with the songs on the radio,to show how fucking independent they are. Not even knowing that with the tattoos, and buying the music, they are showing the powers at be, how good their program is moving along.

Summer is almost over and still no word from the southern hemisphere on the arrival of Nibiru. All this speculation, all these books, where is Nibiru? Next speculation was the coming of another terrorist attack, so Bush could use the war powers to suspend the Constitution. I think I have more fear of the second event. If the Annunaki stories are true, I'll take my chances with them. Bush and all his cats scare me to death. I'm scared of most people I meet anyway, but Bush's boys really scare me. These are the lowest of the lowest, the hedonist, they worship idols, money. Now speculation the chem-trails are making a layer so holograms can be shown in the sky. Use this to fake an "Alien" attack, or the return of "God". All to scare the citizens of the World. Scare them, then tell them that they are the only ones who can save them. We the system will kill the monster, if you become our slave. Much the same way the system controls the citizens of America. This country is nothing but fear propaganda. Convince the citizens they are to dumb to take care of them self's. This is where you are being taken now. All the school shooting, so they can tell you, that you cannot be trusted with a weapon in your home. The 'powers at be', will never rest, until all citizens of the Worlds, souls have been taken. If that happens, what is poor old Christ going to do, when he returns to find, their are no souls to be retrieve or harvest? (Penal gland) The Penal Gland, is the gland that let you get in touch with the under lying spiritual World in the Universe. I bring this up, because some think that the chem-trails or additives in your food, are attacking this gland. Must be working, haven't ran into many spiritual people lately, just pushers and shovers. Or as the system calls them, consumers, the unwashed. Tax them, kill them, then call them the unwashed. Don't get much better than this, on Mother Earth. Where is Nibiru? Just as the citizens of the skies called it. When it comes to the corrupt mind on Planet Earth, it goes from the top, to the bottom, of all of mankind. I've been looking for some good news, just can't find a tie that will look pretty on this Pig. "God" bless an Sunday night dreams and travels, my you have a soft landing. bye

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