Friday, September 26, 2008

"The Bottom of the Barrel"

Lets do the math, every citizen, man, woman or child is already down $500,000 to the rest of the World. Now to bail out the lending institutions, the government wants every citizen to come up with $2,000,000,000 each. Simple math, $700,000,000 divided by approximately 350,000,000 million people, equals 2 billion each. The bottom of the barrel being your government, has no fucking clue. Like I've written so many "Times'' before, only the lowest form of human is in politics. Their is now way, that large of sum of money, could ever be paid back, I don't care how many generations forward you go. The interest on the amount of money is simple staggering. Yet they their are back in Washington, acting like they know whats going on. Fucking rats, all of them. They led America's citizens down this road with corrupt laws. Now acting as if they are intelligent, they want America's citizens to pay a bill they never will be able too. Like my "Alien" friend said about this whole mess, one day America's citizens are going to wake up and be told everything they own and all their money is now worthless. Got a million stashed some where, tough. Smoke clears and me and my silver are standing tall. Your worthless dollar is history, and now you better start making some of those AMEROs for groceries. In case you haven't noticed and you haven't, you have been set up once again. By the way, you didn't notice, that's why the powers at be, laugh at America citizens daily. You can always keep saying, how proud you are to be an American though. Maybe that will make you feel better, maybe you can blame it on Osama bin Laudin. Isn't he the reason America is in two wars now? Are him and Rumsfeld hiding out together?

Listening to a talk on Coast to Coast about Aspartame and good old Donald Rumsfelds name came up. Aspartame is known to impair children's mental health development. That didn't stop Rumsfeld from using his powers in Washington to get it's approval. He was brought in to get it approved by congress and that's exactly what he did. Fuck the children, he got his 12 million for getting it through congress. These same chemical companies, used the citizens of Arizona to see what the side effects of Nutra Sweet where. You get the feeling that the citizens of America are just test dummies. Look at the all the chem-trail over Arizona, you know damn well, they are monitoring health problems here in the state. You have no fucking rights what so ever. Sad part, no one even notices except a hand full of the educated ones, and they are propaganda out with use of the media. I'd like to say the same uneducated people elected those in congress, but they where hand pick for their lack of a soul. (Shara Palin and McCain)

Speaking of chem-trails, one Hopi prophecies said that in the end, their would be lines in the sky. Found the classic movie on You Tube called, ' The Gods must be Crazy'. The little Aborigine was the star, with is ways of living by the true laws of nature. Not the old British laws, America practice's, where the wealthy always get free. The Aborigine and the Hopi share many of the same belief system and stories. Like their Hopi brothers of today, they are carnivores, and living in sin. In the movie, the little Aborigine used a poisoned dart to get his supper. The neat part was, he used the dart to put his prey to sleep. By doing this, he could save the animal from suffering. And could explain to the animal he had shot, he needed to feed his family. And as the old line goes, everybody wants to die in their sleep and not in some terrible ending.

Been wondering if the reason MUFON was so big, was because they are government sponsored? that would probably explains why MUFON people are always on Larry King's radio show. Just like the government likes it. A big old dog and pony show of disinformation. MUFON could kind of be, a clearing house, to see who had, had a UFO experience. Does make sense when you throw in Dan Akroyd and his cigarette. Governments got it's hand in everything else, why not the largest UFO group? Listening to some guys talk about MUFON UFO meetings, really brought this home. At the last meeting one of the women in charge told the group, the Mesa library would not let here collect donations on their property. That didn't stop her from asking for money. She said, just give me the money in the parking lot. Dumb fuck, that's still on Mesa Library property. The soulless never quit, do they? She is rather primitive looking and always wears the same cloths. Like all the federal government officials, they always seem to be rather primitive in appearance. Look no farther than Clinton's, Bush's and Chaney's families. (theirs some ugly ass daughters) ("God" always get even, with everyone in the end, it seems.) Their are some of your lower forms for sure. They all have that look of greed, at no expense in their eyes, see it? Tried looking up some other UFO meeting groups, but they where hard to find and their numbers where much smaller. One group didn't list their names, just number of people attending their meetings. People are truly scared of their government in these end "Times", maybe because they them self's are such whores. They know what thoughts go on in their mind. Must believe the government is thinking along the same path. Doesn't a rat always smell his own hole first. Here in Arizona, the skies always have a milky look to them, from all the chem-trail being laid down over the years, sad. bye

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