Saturday, September 27, 2008

"A Higher Source"

How is it, some of us, answer to a higher source? We all have two arms, two legs, one head, one heart, then why the difference? Are their many different types of human minds? The reptilian, the spiritualist. The reptilian only knows personal lust, why the spiritualist seems more concerned with the future, or life after death. Does the reptilian mind, have no way of conceiving any thing, but the presences. While the spiritualist has a hard "Time" remembering to keep his bills paid? Obvious people like Bush, haven't a thought about, maybe what happens after death. Like the lizards on my patio, their is only life in the moment. This proves to me that their many different levels of consciousness, here on Planet Earth. You cannot put people such as my self in the same category as the lower forms of humanity. Are us higher forms here to learn, from the lower forms? This would explain why the lower forms hate the higher forms so much. Do they have fear of the higher forms mental capacities? Like the reaction from a friend after telling him about the police at my door. He said they are afraid of your mind and what I know, and what they don't know. You only fear the ones that have more knowledge than you, I've always said, 'You never fear the one's that you have a mental leg up on'. Are the lower forms hoping the higher forms would go away so maybe nobody will notice their weak minder thoughts and abilities? This seem to be the answer, if you question how fucked up the government his. This only means you are not as ignorant as the people writing the laws and trying to control them. Me and many like myself, cannot be classified as the same type of human that controls the government. I am nothing like the others around me. Or as one person said about me, he doesn't do anything like the rest of us humans. Why is that, is the DNA different than the rest? Yes, Yes, Yes. Me and many others, do answer to a higher form, while the rest of these cat's answer only to their penis. Men are weak and can be controlled by their penises. (old Navajo female lesson, taught to young Navajo girls at age 13)

The neighbour girl helped me move some potting soil up to my patio for some Aloe Vera I'm trans planting. She was telling how all her plants on her patio seem to be sick lately. She said most of the flowers on here plants seem to die at the same "Time". I pointed at the sky and said, notice that milky substance in the air. She act knowledge the look of the milky substance. I said that is what is killing your plants. Explained to her it would be a good idea to Google, chem-trails and pass the word around to her friends. I loved her reply, 'if it comes from you, I'm almost scared to do that'. She works for Bank of America, funny how she happens to be my neighbour and has perfect view of my patio above her condo. (the banks have their collective noses, up everybody asses) She knows I spend a lot of "Time" at night on my patio talking to the "Gods". It's not, 'in "God" we trust', it's more like, 'how prosperous will the bank let me be'. The banks created this financial mess, and through their legislators, they will have the citizens of the World pay for this mess. Al part of their dominance over those who live totally in the material World. The same way the bankers control the politicians, through their lust. (Bush dancing with Saudi gold hanging from his neck)

New date, 14 October is when something big is suppose to happen from the "Aliens". Rumors of a large "Alien" craft that is going to hang out above the earth for 3 days. Who or what seems to plant these stories? Is this just more of the 'powers at be', disinformation to keep the weak one guessing all the "Time"? Making people feel their is no one, except the government they can trust? Keep planting these stories and having them not come true. So only one day they can plant a story, then have it come true, sort of. Thus convincing the citizens of the World, only the American government can be trusted? Is the milky sky, really only a canvas to paint a hologram on, to show the coming of the so called real "God"? One they created, with this new technology? Their again just like 911, but instead of creating an enemy that doesn't exist. This "Time", they take total control over the population with never even firing a shot? Personally I don't believe enough of the Worlds citizens will buy into this crap. People are afraid to speak up against the government openly, but under their breaths, a much different story. Very few people you talk to these days, seem to approve the way the government is taking the country and citizens. Problem is, they are afraid to speak up, because so many before them have disappeared or died. "God", look what they did to the Kennedy's, for thinking the system was basically honest. You can't blame people, because they haven't learned yet, that in the after life, you are rewarded for standing up against, the lack of morals of those around you in this life. Like the chief of Old Oribia has to do, if a blight has fallen over the Hopi. He must go to the Black Cliffs to the East and throw him self off the cliff. This must be done, in order to bring relief to his other Hopi people. (their hasn't been a true Hopi leader sense the arrival of the Whites) Their is no difference to this, than your need to stand up to those who don't follow the ways of the, 'Laws of Nature'. To attain the after life, you need to sacrifices personnel and material processions on this side. This has been brain washed away from your thought and now mankind thinks his only ability is to consume and personnel lust. Here again, the war for control of people souls. All right out of the Christians bible, that they never take the "Time" to truly read. If they did, the first thing they would do, would be to destroy the very church they belong to. Not much different, than the Hopi chief or Shaman would do. Is Kenneth Lay from the ENRON mess, really dead? Where have you been lately, have the "Boys" scared you away? bye

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