Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Arizona's UFOs"

Why Arizona, when it comes to so many UFO sightings? Could it be the presence of so many different Native American tribes? Is it the the Hopi, who once occupied most of the south west? You type in UFOs in Arizona, on any search engine and their you will see. No other state or country, come close to all the sighting in Arizona. I've notice even the comments on videos about all the sighting, are about, why Arizona. For some reason, this place is special when it comes to the "Aliens" and their activities. When "Time" is ready for the big event, when mankind finally make contact, my bet is it will happen right here in Arizona. New York has the finances, Texas has oil and NASA, California has Hollywood, but Arizona has the "Aliens". All the rest in the big picture are petty, compared to the "Alien" activity here in Arizona. The "Alien" agenda, his the greatest chapter in the lives of any citizen of Planet Earth. The governments of the World don't want people to think of this, in that manner, but it's true. Knowing who created mankind, is the biggest story, so why all the secrecy? Control, control, control, or to rule over the citizens of the Earth. Silly sick games being played out, starting with the Catholic. They where probably the first cult or religion to deny the presence of a greater force that lives among mankind. The first to say, you must kill those that are not Christian believers. All this so mankind will live under a cloud of stupidity and fear.

You Tube, John F. Kennedy Secret Society Speech, and see why he had to be assassinated. He exposes the very entity that controls America, and at keeping secret, the "Alien" agenda. Called the speech that got him killed by many. He said they would not stop at any lengths, to keep control over America and the Worlds population. He must have known, this would be his death card. Was this all to prove, he was no criminal Hood like his father? This for the same reason his brother chased after the Mafia. Some how thinking, this would erase the past and make the Kennedy's legacy purer? The very thing Robert Kennedy went after, was his father past, why? A classic example of, 'the sins of the father', got him killed. I see it in my self, a older brother went bankrupt at contracting, by taking money from the company and buying land and cattle. I couldn't hardly make any money because it forced me to be the opposite.

The deed has been done and the citizens of America are about to bail out the very people that control them. Talk about stupidity, Americans citizens for the most part, have to be number uno. Lets see here, 911 an inside job, invade Afghanistan so a oil pipe line could be built, invade Iraq with lies (won't leave), jacked up oil prices so they could start new oil well off the two coasts, shall I stop their? You see how incredibly stupid the citizens of America look, to the rest of the Universe. Yet America and her citizen, talk of how backward and uncivilized the rest of the World is. So uneducated and brainwashed, they look to be fools to the World. What other country has invaded so many other countries of the World, no one in history, has done more harm and death. America made the Catholics plunder and murder seem small potatoes. Did that with the Atom Bombs dropped on Japan. America couldn't just drop a smaller one off the coast, no not in good old America. In fact, that's what America represent as it's personality to the rest of the World. A giant, brainwashed, killing machine, from top to bottom. Look at all the movies coming out of Hollywood theses days. Look at the cartoons, the evening programs, the news, total and complete indoctrination. And the uneducated American, sets their with his eyes glued to the boob tube, thinking this is reality. And now the American economy has slowed the whole Worlds economy down. America citizens don't have any money, so who is going to buy all the material World crap? The third World countries aren't going to buy all China's crap, because they are making the same crap. Have the banks brought the World to it's knees? Will the citizens of the World be forced into slavery, or will they stand up, by simple stop consuming so much crap? Will the plan to control the citizens fail, when the citizens realize, their are better options, like spiritual growth?

While all this chaos goes on down on Earth, those from above, must be simply laughing. Look around your self, does this all seem correct. Is this all their is to life, consume, eat, fuck? I'm not buying and others are like me aren't either. What will it take to wake the others up, physical chains. Mankind is already in mental chains, because they can be control through their lust. Maybe this will work out for the better, when people really are forced to wake up and rebel against those that control them. The first part is getting the citizens of the World to even notice their shackles. Now they will have "Time" to set around and think, think about maybe who they are. Think about how they have been enslaved by their lack of morals. How the material World, sucked them down a path with no future. Isn't it always the darkest before the light? bye PS If you love guitars sounds, check out theses two guys. Andy McKee - Guitar - Drifting on Y.T., Steffen Schackinger - Perfect Waves - Guitar on Y.T.

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