Sunday, October 26, 2008

"25 October 08"

Not much news about anything important these days. Today's paper is encouraging the Native Americans to get out and vote. Seems rather stupid, the native Americans aren't going to have much effect on elections that are predetermined. Same paper is telling Arizonans, McCain is behind in the poles. The same system told the World, Al Gore was going to be the next president. The same paper doesn't want to talk about the real bummers facing the citizens of Arizona. Like a rise in over all temperatures for October of 2 degrees and why. No word about all the chem-trails the last few days. Why are the roads and freeways always shut down for repair, every week end? Why at night the stars seem fuzzy from all the chem-trails? Why is the Arizona National Guard off in Afghanistan and Iraq, instead of at the borders of southern Arizona? Why it's so fucking important to get a flu shot, with Mercury and other poisons in it? What the citizens of Arizona need, is to isolate themselves from the federal government. Here get your flu shot, while we dump chemicals in your air, food and water. What a bunch of crap, being feed to the citizens Arizona by the local medias. Makes you wonder how those folks that work for the networks sleep. Oh I forgot, they don't have souls. No soul, no mental pain. I'd like to know why Arizona's governor dresses like a lesbian? Why isn't senator Enzi in federal prison? Who gets all of John McCain's wife, when she dies? All the fucking blood money in the World, ain't going to keep her young.

Talking to a young native America from a central America tribe. I was explaining to him, that after visiting with many different tribe members through out my life here in Arizona, one thing was common. The DNA had stagnated, like the Jews has. He said the tribes from back east think of the Native Americans of the west as being more primitive in Nature. He was so rite on, except the Hopi. He said that the tribe he was from recognized this problem long ago and they where a mixture of 3 or 4 different tribes he name. (can't Remember names, I'm being bombarded with so many new facts, it seems daily now) The Hopi knew how to marry with in their own tribe and clans. They where given this knowledge from the beginning. Lonnie Nutumya told me how it's done, but I've forgotten now. Told him how I figured out that the Navajos where the blacks of the Red race. Told him the story of the Navajo electrician on a job site picking up a roll of copper wire with ease. He could relate to the difficulty of doing that. He said, I'm sure as hell not lifting that same roll of wire. I replied, neither are any of the little Hopi of Northern Arizona or the local Time. Then the Navajos must of been the builders of Chaco Canyon dwellings, of northern New Mexico, he agreed. They where the Red Mans, Omega Man, from south central Mexico. The builders of the great Mayan Temples, and not the diminutive locals or Quiche people. We soon got to talking about the Shamans an their importance to the tribe. He said the tribe needed some to go out to the Stars and bring back new knowledge. They needed this person to sustain their lively hood he went on to say. He told me, many eastern tribe had female for Shamans, this was news to me. I chased stories of Shamans through out the World years ago, but had never heard of this. (This is apparently what I'm suppose to do, then pass it on through my simple stories.) If you walked up to the kid, you would be hard pressed to tell he was Native American. The DNA was fresh, in his look. No heavy brow, more of a soft White look, only darker or red.

Got the right wing ribbing built on my "Soul Flyer". (actually a SIG Kadet Seniorita) Want to learn patience, get a balsa wood model airplane. Once you get into the process, it's addictive. You go into another state of mind, where "Time" disappears. All the small details adding up to one giant problem. Looks simple enough on paper, but thats where that theory dies. Like life it's self, nothings easy. Much like the original Wright brothers did, you still do the same thing to day. (even with supersonic aircraft) Unlike a UFO with their seamless construction, as in the past, ribbing, ribbing, ribbing. Put a bunch of ribs together then add a cover, nothing really new. ('Rosie the Riveter' from WWII propaganda) Back to my old theory of, very little real technology, has occur in the past 100 years. Word aren't coming, so I'll say, "God Bless" and Sunday Night dreams, with a soft landing. Back to the "Soul Flyer". bye

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