Saturday, November 1, 2008

"Soul Flyer 47-A Progress"

Patience, patience and more patience, is the key word here. When your trying to get your soul to a safer place in the Universe, you can't have your aircraft breaking up, such as the Challenger did. NASA's rush to put a show on, killed some good educated people off. To NASA, it's a numbers game, to me, it's my soul. Just as most Americans trust their soul to the government, I for one have no faith in them. (I must have been forewarned, I guess.) If you do the opposite of what the media is telling you, your probably much better off in the long run. Just as the government told everyone in New York city, the air was safe after 911 attacks. Now you have a bunch of pissed off dying souls that tried to help those at the Twin Towers.

Some how the falling of the Twin Tower is much the same as you have today. Just as many ancient tale have of the story of the Twins who balanced the Earth. (Yin Yang) The Hopi and Mayans Twins are the North and South poles. When the Twins leave their post, chaos will ensue. Watching them lay down chem-trail this morning reminded me of just how chaotic "Times" are now. Cutting and gluing my balsa wood, helps to take my mind off of what is happening around me. Telling everyone I meet that, I'm building a remote control aircraft to get my soul to a safer place. Is a great way to get people thinking. Just telling them the story gets them thinking, about reality. Subtle little reminders that's theirs more to life then payday and pussy. Call me crazy, that's OK, just spend a few moments thinking about what I've said.

Telling people that their might just be a brighter future for them if they would trust those in the sky. Is the same problem poor old Jesus had in the Bible. Those in Biblical "Times", are the same ones walking around the Earth today. The Heathen who only know personnel lust, same folks, just a couple of thousand years later. Still have the same old dumb ass Romans in one form or another. Trying their best to enslave all those around them. For all the same dumb ass reasons. Insecurity in their felling of belonging to some thing. Their emptiness they have, thinking more is better, when their will never be enough. And their subjects walk around believing the same basic standard. Making them easy prey for those in power who understand the subjects minds. They understand, because they come from the basic stock. (I was a coal miners daughter) Not superior in any way, you might say, more primitive. With all that gold, still haven't figured out, their might be a place to be after this life. If you just simple play the game correct. Not much different that what Jesus said in the storey from the Bible. Look at the Bible as a history book and not a religion. You get a whole new perspective, of what is written. Basically, be cool with your neighbors.

Finally November 4 is close, and will gas prices start to go higher after? Heard that from more than one person. Looks like the powers at be, think it's "Time" for the good old citizens of America the Great, should have a black president. (I think he's black?) Now will the fact that neither one of them have solid prof of citizenship, be the catch 22? Some lawyers brought a suit to the courts to prove Obama have 5 different birth certificates. (5 more than me) they where rejected by the courts because, only one of the political parties could start a law suit to remove him from running for political office. In case you what to know, the republicans didn't challenge Obama's birth place. (He now has an aunt living in the country illegally.) Reminded me of Gore not challenging the black votes that weren't counted in Florida. Yet good folks run rite out and vote, then point fingers at those that don't vote. Just as they have been programed to do.

With storeys about the Illuminate and Roswell getting so much press (the net), is their some connection? You will only hear what the powers at be want you to, so whats up with that? Even hear stories how the Illuminate are with the "Aliens" to control the citizens of the World. Find that hard to believe, but who knows, with such bazaar other things going on in the World. Never realized how controlled PBS was until I tried watching Frontline this week. Show was ' The War Briefing', brief was rite, I lasted about 5 minutes. Total and lets not even try to hide this, propaganda. Not a fucking word about the cat that supposedly blew up the Twin Towers, Osama. Once again shoving it (the propaganda) in the citizens of Americas faces. Calling this news, things America has forgotten about Afghanistan. Two programs I thought could be trusted are now just part of the propaganda machine. Maybe they always where, and I didn't want to accept it, or, everything truly has changed before our eyes. NOVA, where as my Marsain friend says, PBS' always make it a point to say nothing, with a bunch of words'. Couple of things I found looking around, Y.T. from frankiedi ROSWELL UFO, JIM RAGSDALE THE EYE WITNESS, from billyhizzle the JFK Plot Exposed. "God" bless bye

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