Sunday, November 2, 2008


Just what in my life is really private? My phone message center, now days is loaded with messages from morons who are running for office. I only check my mail once a month and when I do, most things in my box are junk mail. Turn on my computer and their waiting for me is a bunch of crap I never solicited. Everyone seems to know my credit score but me. And they want me to check my current credit score daily now for some reason. What happened, I know what happen, it's call enslavement. Enslaved by the bombardment of commercialism and the attempt to take my soul from me. Telling me I'm no more than just a consumer, and consumers need good credit scores. Telling me, to be a good consumer you needs to vote and read all the junk mail and e-mails. No "Time'' to think about anything else, but consumption. And when their not trying to sell me something, they want me to take a survey about some new product. All part of the plan to remove your ability to think for your self. You will use the products they provide for you. If you don't, then your just not being patriotic, and the slaves know, your not thinking inside the box. If you believe in UFOs and your cloths don't have a bunch of designer labels on them, then your odd, un-American. What it boils down too, you have no freedoms. Your computer isn't private, your mail box isn't private, your phone isn't private. So just where the hell is the freedom in all this? Their is none, but none the less, Americans are constantly being bombarded with messages, telling them just how free they are. By "God" they buy into, and hate those that don't buy into it.

Today was a perfect proof of what I'm saying. went out to Apache Junction to watch a friend fly his remote controlled aircraft. Even that is under control by the system. You fly where they tell you to fly, make you have insurance, must join some group. Control, control, control. Any way, I'm out their, the sky is milky from all the chem-trail they have been laying out over the weekend. Most of your R/C flyer's are baby boomers for the most part. The kids prefer the race cars and off road R/Cs. While we are setting their, their are chem-trails being laid out over head. (Amazing how few folks even know this is going on.) Their is a group of five or six of us sitting their, all pretty much the same ages. (baby boomers) I point up to the sky and say, hey look they are laying down chem-trails over heads. All but one of them listened to what I had to say about the trails. The one, was your typical, why the rest of the World hates Americans. Their was no convincing this guy, this is odd. Over weight, in his sixties, probably has a prostate problem from all the red meat he consumes, is telling me it's only water from the wing tips. Told him what a airline told me about noticing them also and didn't know what they where either. He basically said, the airline pilot lied. I gave up the augment, but not him. He sounded like Clinton, when the kid in Phoenix, asked him if 911 was an inside job, you couldn't shut the guy up. I never have let my self be drug down the road of auguring with a person who has been brain washed.(East Mesa)

Here is something that came to me about 10:30 last night, might fit your reality. Where in the hell, have I been dropped off. A place where deceit is rewarded. Where the leaders actually worship the Devil. Leaders who have secret hand signal and have cultish rituals. How far in the back waters of the Universe have I been taken? Why me, for what reasons, are their things I must learn? Who are those around, that seek a higher knowledge? Are their any here on Planet? Why am I needed here on the ground, when you can simply here the citizens voices? The pain put on them from their ruthless leaders, who only know deceit. Not letting the citizens know, that their is more to life than the material World. Stealing their souls, poisoning them. This all can't be real can it? if mankind was created in "Gods" image, then how did he get here? Was it free will, or lack of the presence of "God"? What ever happened, your leaders are monsters of this reality. Like killing baby seals for fur coats. These are the ones who control your breaths. Is 2012, the death of mankind?

Well election night is once again upon America. Quite the little show they put on for the citizens of America last "Time". The powers at be bidders, must have spent endless days thinking that one up. Keeping the citizens of America glue to their TV sets. Rite their, starring into their boob tube, on command. They have basically already called Obama the winner. Today's Republic news paper, showed a cartoon in the opinion section. Of a future leader Obama, with a bright smile, while McCain had a look of scorn. What does the paper know, the rest of the citizens don't know, a lot. "God" bless the good people of the planet, my the future seem more brighter. Sweet dreams and Sunday night travels, may you have a soft landing. bye

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