Saturday, November 8, 2008

"Say It Ain't So Bill Moyer"

It would appear the powers at be, couldn't get PBS taken off the air. So it looks like, they did the next best thing. Changed all the programing into pure propaganda. Now I can't even trust the one journalist I thought was above reproach, Bill Moyer. NOVA and other so called research programs are totally tainted. America media is pure crap propaganda and now even PBS is just another forum for lies and deceit. The net works, can be taken with a grain of salt, you know where they are coming from. Now add PBS, as one on the same, rite in their with the American Red Cross. (Katrina) Two American icon, (PBS and Red Cross) have been reduced to, non contributors to societies better welfare. The Red Cross was just another money maker for the powers at be, and now PBS is just another one of their toys of manipulation, mentally. Maybe it was always their, but now it's just in your face. This week Bill, started his program showing, just how far the Blacks have come in last fifty years. (Like the Jewish media, never letting the American public forget about the holocaust.) Nothing has really changed for the average Black, sense slavery. Their still the biggest population in prisons, proportionally to whites and others. Their the highest in unemployment rate and uneducated. On job sites, the other minorities and white work harder. While the black do a lot of posing and talking crap. Maybe this make Moyer fill better about his southern roots and past slavery. Obama will do nothing for the Blacks or any other minority. Obama has one priority, that's satisfying the ones who put him in power. If he forgets, he'll end up like Kennedy, dead.

This election went so quietly, the net works where waiting as long as they could before announcing who had won. (Surely they had known for weeks.) The stage was set, and only Obama could have won. Another place sitting, at the table of, One World Government. Getting the World use to America having a minority for president. America has only one agenda, and that is war. Typical of Obama and the rest of the politicians, making a lot of noise about getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq. Not one word on this subject now, just a big ass, dog and pony show, and most Americans buy into this crap, hook line and sinker. The wars are old news, get use to America at war. The TV and media are telling you that. Their directed to making all American hero's either the military or the police. With porn as a back drop. The person who thinks different is a outsider. All typical thinking of your lower forms of humanity, power sex, sex power. Their mind process can' t go any father. Look in Bush or any of his soulless soldiers eyes, these are simple animals, with out any social saving graces.(where is Rummy?)

Called Shara Palin, rite on the button. Now all these thing coming out about here wardrobe and how uneducated she was. Bet she couldn't find American on a global map. All this created to make the American public think they had done the correct thing. All the powers at be had to do was. Pick a couple of losers like McCain and Palin, put them up against the good looking mix. Let the mix win, and say to the rest of the World, hey these Americans aren't such a bad lot after all. It appears the World has bought into to this, just as the American public has. The powers at be, just toy with their loyal subjects. Now they are even getting the public ready, for use of the word Illuminate. Even noticed a contestant on a game show, using the hand sign for the Illuminate, she wasn't from Texas. Never ceases to amaze me how things are racing back ward and not forward. A race to control, the World populations minds. That's why it's so important people reduce listening to any media, even the music and the words are directed at mind control. Like I've written before, turn off the sounds from the system and get into the sounds of your own head. As some said once to me, I can't figure out how you work with out the radio on. See how much mind control they have over you. If your not being bombarded with commercials and subtle propaganda, you fell odd. This is the power over you they have. The same reason the Chinese want all their citizens to have TV as soon as possible. They have seen, what the powers at be, have done with their propaganda on the TV in America. Hopefully one day the American and Chinese people will wake up and see what's being done to them. The Europeans where a sleep, when they where enslaved under one common cause. (One good side effect of Obamas election, the honkies can't buy enough weapons after Obamas statement on guns.)

A firm believer in, 'the more things change, the more they stay the same. America will hopefully have a new president, but looking for something to truly change is a far stretch. Found a good video on Y.T. called, Cave Creek, Arizona UFO Crash. This about the 1947 crash here in the Phoenix area. I'll re post the front page on my blog when I finish. As these guys get near death, their stories are starting to come out. Knowing, what can the system do to them now, that life hasn't all ready. Found a good place to start learning to fly my Soul Flyer 47 A, rite here in south Scottsdale at the community college. Night and day from the guys at Apache Junction, even one of the guys who help me get information, so I could use the place, mentioned it. I guess I'll add to my 'you are what you eat' and ' where you live'. bye

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