Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Blue Skies and Front Page News"

Nice to see actual blue skies today. With all the chem-trails being laid down lately, the skies seem to have a white mist look to them. As you look to the horizon in any directions, their is a white frost to the air. The winds are blowing and the chemicals must have been blown out of the valley. Maybe they have stopped spraying, because NASCAR is at Phoenix Raceway, on national TV. Weeks can go by with out the trails, but just when you think, maybe they have come to their senses and have stopped spraying, bang their back in force. It does have an effect on your state of mind, knowing when you bring the subject up, you are ridiculed. Then the ridiculing makes you realize, how brainwashed most Americans are. Folks are always complaining about how messed up the government is, but try bring up the chem-trail problem. Now the same individual is a stanch supporter of every thing the government does. I keep pressing on with my warnings, because I have been told to pass on knowledge.

Eight year old kid, kills his father and a some guy living with them, Saint Johns Arizona. That's the big new here in Arizona. St. Johns is quite Mormon town of about 3,500 people, in northwest part of the state. Surely the first thought on every ones minds, was the boy being abused? A kid with some what normal life, just doesn't wake one one night and kill his father? They report, that the kid had planned out the whole thing. It was no accident or spur of the moment killing. Three lives ruined, what are people thinking. What a primitive society, mankind has fallen into. Where violence is always the cure. (look at America's military past.) Look how the Jewish media as changed how society views violence. The kid did just what the TV instructed him to do. Planned out the killings, just as it is done on his weekend morning cartoons. Instead of going for help, he took the task in hand. They do it in the movies and TV, why not me, the kid was thinking. The souls are being remove at a young age, via the media and schools. And this is the end product, an enslave, soulless society. Are incidences like this one, the reason the Planet is cleansed periodically? Has mankind reached that plateau of decadence now, here as mankind races toward 2012?

These remote towns and their citizens in Arizona are a bit scary. That's why I haven't left Dodge and went and lived with the country folks. Folks in those small towns seem to be hiding from something, or them self's. It's like, all the stories from the 'Twilight Zone', where all filmed in small towns around Arizona. People come from all over the country and World, they come to hide in these small town in Arizona. The original settlers in Arizona where running from something them self's. The mobsters from back east, started coming to Arizona to hide, in the thirties. Go out to Fountain Hills and see how many Italian sounding names are on the mail boxes. The Gambino family, loved Tucson. The states famous sheriff is from New Jersey, whats he running from? You just don't pack up and move to Arizona because things are going so well back home. Then throw in all the illegals running to Arizona, because things weren't going so well back in Mexico. (or some other central American country) Now you got quite the cast of characters, most all, runners. The old line you can't go home, because, remember, you failed their, that why you are here. People like John McCain came here, running from something else. Ran here, because he wasn't ever going to be the top dog, where he came from. Now his "Time" has come and gone, and he'll never get to be what he wanted to be, a dictator. Little man, baby killer, will fade into history, as some foot note. He can run back to where he came from, after his term is completed in congress. A little man who married into money, a little man running from him self. Well the "Aliens'' have once again chosen not to show up in grand fashion this week, maybe next week. Lots of new sighting on Y.T., lots of predictions, no pay offs. Like many, sitting in limbo, knowing a big change is about to happen, but when? "God" bless and good travels in your dreams and may your landing be soft. bye

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