Saturday, November 15, 2008

"Breaking News, the new Anti Christ"

Looks like now, it's Obama's (Going to have to learn to spell that boys first name.) turn to be the anti Christ. A ex-wife told me I was the Anti Christ, what exactly is the Anti Christ. His he the one, who informs the citizens of the World, the Christ they worship now is a false? If you take the words from the Bible and don't throw a religion at it, it's some good stuff. Get a group of humans in a room, bring up the Bible, now you have an angry mob on your hands. They will turn on everyone who isn't presently in the room. Even if you sit with them a day earlier and agreed with their very word. The moment your are not with the group, surely your name will arise in vain. This is what always happens to organized religions, isolation. So the Anti Christ, must be the "One" who tells the citizens of the World, tear down your churches, your synagogues, your buildings of worship. The true Christ lives in all of you, you need not seek knowledge from others. Everything spiritually is already their in your head, in your soul. (if you can developer it) The true Anti Christ, already lives inside your head.

People running around talking of all this love, what does that mean? Their are no word to describe a individuals spiritual path. Like trying to really understand the true meaning of the word "God". I can type the words, I can say the words, but to be able to say, I understand the true meaning is absurd. The churches speak of, love of "God", with a gun to your head. (With this kind of thinking, the Anti Christ can't get here soon enough.) The closes most humans will ever get to the meaning of love, is probably sex. All in all, just one of mankind's basic instincts, food, shelter, sex. The system like telling their citizens they love them and are protecting them, for love alone. They are all public servants, and all sacrifice so hard to keep Americas citizens safe from the boggy man. (Hitler, the Russians, Terrorist, Muslims etc.) All this love spewing about, while the uncontrolled animal called mankind, destroys all around himself. Aah the human mentality, what happened? Love is only a word used to con the other unsuspecting soul. Free love destroyed the Hippie movement, that old enemy called jealousy. When I see a grown man talking of loving you, he's thinking about sex, or parting you with your money.

The war propaganda on PBS just keeps growing. First with the Navajo side of things and next the female perspective. In the beginning of the program they talked of how the Navajo had contributed in WWII, as code talkers. Their is where I checked out, knew where this was heading. (unrelenting propaganda) They were saying, hey Native Americans, forget what we did to you in the past. Now they have the nerves to promote the the Navajo's past military exploits, while in the same breath saying. Come kill some others, in a foreign land, it's hip. Have the Navajo people forgotten about the great 'March of Death.' (I sure as hell, haven't meet one who's forgotten) Have the Navajo forgotten the U.S. Army Calvary gave weapons to other tribes of the Southwest, to kill Navajo with? Damn near every Navajo I've ever meet, hated the government still, for what they did to them in the eighteen hundreds. PBS makes it sound like the Navajo people love them, that's bull shit. Go up to the reservation and talk to some of the drunks lining the streets. One eyes tells the government he loves them, now will you give me some money for past deeds. The other eye, wants nothing more then to kill them for their past deeds. PBS has no use for the truth. They are now just a piece of the propaganda control system. (The take over of all media seems to now be in place.)

Here in Arizona, now becoming the capital of UFO sighting, another good video is now on You Tube. Prescott Arizona UFO The comments are great, with others seeing the same lights in the area. Same great colors as in Stephenville Texas sightings. Somebodies getting ready for something. You just don't get all dressed up and stay in the house. Red State Update, Astronaut Says Aliens Exist, is a good comedy about the ET's. "The Code Revels-APOLLYON*ANGLE of the ABBYSS, was sent to me. One more that's neat is, Men At Work, 'It's a Mistake'. The word are not coming to day. bye

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