Sunday, November 16, 2008

"Waisted Energy"

Tomorrow morning the freeways will be pack with people. Going as fast as they can, chasing the all mighty dollar. They will get in their cars, cut people off, chasing the all mighty dollar. Then they will get to work and cut the throats of fellow employees, chasing the all mighty dollar. Then at lunch the system will poison them, at their favorite fast food restaurant, chasing the all mighty dollar. Days end, "Time" to race home, eat some dead animal the system has taught them, that's the only way the can get their protein, chasing the all mighty dollar. After a supper of poison presented by the system, they sat down facing the tube and take in their daily dosage of propaganda, chasing the all mighty dollar. Mindless, soulless, like a character from the 'Twilight Zone', chasing the all mighty dollar. Next day, do the same thing, chasing the all mighty dollar. All of a sudden your an old man or women, wondering just what happened, now to tired to chase, the all mighty dollar. Now at the mercy of the system, you spent your entire life at, chasing the all mighty dollar. And like a old Jazz song, 'Where's my "God" and where's my money', chasing the all mighty dollar. Those that rule over you and deceived you, into chasing their, all mighty dollar. Now they them self are old and tired, old and tired of making sure that you are chasing their, all mighty dollar. In the end, no winners, in the game of, chasing the all mighty dollar. A waste of people life's, a waste of energy with no future in it. Some how you go lost, when the journey you ventured on, was a spiritual one. You got con into believing, you where no more than a mindless consumer. All just a waste of energy.

Watched a good clip with Bush Sr. and Bill baby, asking for cold hard cash for some disaster relief program some where in the World. They where trying to show what a reptilian Bush Sr. was. Not to sure about all that stuff, but one thing for sure. Bush Sr. and all the Bush's are soulless pawns in somebody else's hands. They where were bought for mere gold. Traded a shot at eternity for the moment. The classic, how far do you want to get in life, 'how many people are you willing to step on'. The Bush's have to be on the top rung of this ladder. It is just amazing how the two of them could look into the camera and ask for money. Knowing damn well very little of the money will ever reach the intended victims. The independent religious groups and other will do all the back work. (Supreme Master Ching Hai's group, is one of the best for relief) While the Red Cross witch is part of the machine, will get all the press. (remember Katrina?) They never seem t,o stop, like pigeons, never enough, never enough. This after all, is the American way, take, take, then take some more. How dumb has America become, for me it's scary, to others, they never notice, just like the chem-trails.

Talked to a neighbour who recently moved back to America from Tanzania. Asked if the story I had heard about the ozone layer over Australia was true? He said if you went to the beach in Tanzania with out cloths on, you where burned in fifteen minutes. Not news you here about from the controlled media. He said the children where hats with large brims and scarfs hanging from the back and sides. Asked him if he had noticed the chem-trails in the sky. Said he didn't know what I was talking about, damn. Living in a country where the ozone is depleted over head, never notice the chem-trails over head. I ask him how come he never noticed, he replied, I never look up, I guess. Make it front page news, and everyone will be looking up, first thing, every morning. (That's not going to happen, unless someone from above, intervenes.) Sad where you go out to look at a full Moon, and the sky is covered in trails, that glisten in the night air. The skies have been taken away. And most have never notice what has happen to their environment. Bottom line is, are the chem-trails necessary to keep the Planets temperature in line? Has the environment been that depleted, of the things that make this giant green house work? Is that why all the silence about the trails?

What will happen to Bush and all his band of bandits, now that their moment in the Sun has come to an end? Can't find 'Rummy', Bush getting laws enacted to protect him and his whores from prosecution. Iraq finally gets to have America out of their country by 2011, pending. (it's America) Will Bush's prediction that all will be dead, before his legacy is written? Can the damaged done by eight years of moral less leadership be corrected? Obama bring the same baggage of a corrupt politicians as well. My bet, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The deed has been done and American in just short eight years, has been reduced to a third World country. Countries in Europe have better health, and healthier children then in the land of the free. Bush did as his handlers wanted him to do. Lower the morals and standard of living in, good old America. "God" Bless, and Sunday night dreams with soft landing once again. bye

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