Saturday, November 22, 2008

"God's Going to, Kill Us All"

Noticing on a job site recently, the condition of the other tradesmen. (joke) They call them self's tradesmen, but tradesmen their not. When I started the tradesmen where actual craftsmen. Now you have a bunch of wild humans, throwing shit together, waiting for pussy and payday. (The same type of wild humans that run the federal government, only with out health and dental plans.) At the same "Time", Chem-trails being laid out in the skies, by another bunch of wild humans, looking for pussy and payday. With no comprehension of what effect their actions have on other humans and the Universe. Then it came to me, "God" is coming back to this mess and killing everyone. All dead, by guilt, of association, plane and simple. Made me start thinking, sure hope the Bible and the Hopi prophecies are true, and the good people will be spared. Wild humans reduced to tattoos and screaming songs on the radio. Proud to be American, while they them self's are being poisoned mentally and physically. No respect for others that have gone before them. They where schooled to think that way in public schools. System teaching, their was no past, only the presence, and what you are being taught now is the only truth. Their is no "God', you evolved from the apes. That part of the brain washing and poisoning has been completed. Thus you have, mentally impaired individuals, running around like, wild bunches of humans. This way you have no true tradesmen, but you have a damn good slave. I have always believed this is going to back fire. And like the many prophecies, because of it, all will die on the Planet. It would appear, that this is, exactly what the human race is trying subconsciously, to do to it's own DNA. Humans knows, down deep inside, they are failures at harmony, with Mother Nature. Yin Yang, plus minus, kind of thing.

The age old question is, how does "God" know I've got some extra money? Maybe "God" doesn't give a shit about your finances, but your bankers does. The all knowing eye on the Pyramid on your all mighty dollars, is the bank. The bank who created the government. The bank that financed the destruction of Americas natural resources. The bank that's the federal reserve, their is no place for you to hide your finances. Only way to avoid this, is to completely leave the society, and head for the hills. Your banker already knows, a certain percentage of society will do this. Your banker know that to keep you enslaved, you need to be in debt. They will steal the elderly money now with the current crises. Then turn around and put money back into the system, and start all over again. Wild Humans have a short memory, they will work their asses off, get some money built up. the banker who is all knowing, knows this. They will sit and watch until their is enough to steal again, then take the next generation's saving from them. You have a garden, they have you. They need to fertilize you, so you will produce. If they don't, you will stop producing. (Wild humans can only be pushed so far, before they wake up.) The system knows this, thus these periods of growth and decline like you have now. All planed out, way and ahead of humanities ability to figure this out. No different than the Navajo Indians of the southwestern America. They would sit and watch their neighbour tribes grow their crops, and rite at harvest "Time'', they would raid the other tribes. The Navajo's where wild humans, just as the people that control the system on Planet earth, they are also, wild humans. One is called a prostitute, one is called, an escort, in the end, their just wild human whores. (Elliott Spitzer, Ashley Dupre)

Some more good videos of UFO's over Arizona on Y.T. from jjdnow called, UFO Queen Creek Arizona. Same blue colors as Prescott and out of Texas. Makes you wonder if their holograms being displayed in the skies by America's secrete government. With so much chemicals in the air, it wouldn't be hard. The chem-trail by product, could just be a back drop or screen to project these shows on? Who knows for sure, one mans opinion. Also from here in the south Phoenix area, called South Mountain Park, are some ancient Native American petroglyphs. Researchers have found L.A.Y. lines used by the Native American Indians to show where these Portals are to the other side. (The side I believe they "Aliens" come from.) Y.T. Ancient Energy & Petroglyphs-L.E.Y. Lines, from Ksshow.

Was thinking about John Mack the UFO researcher and writers death. When an old song lines came to mind, 'and remember dear, look both ways'. Did John Mack forget to look both ways? How could a Jew with his credentials and abilities, be connected to the smut dealers that call them self's, 'the chosen ones'? The Jews are a motley crew, with all their in breading. They can go from the highs of people like John Mack, to the lows of whores in Hollywood and their dirt porn. Or are all of them, just like the rest of humanity, wild humans? John Mack turned his back on the Jews, did that get him killed. When John Mack committed to the idea, the Jews weren't the top of the food chain. Was that his own, death certificate? These are truly some odd "Times" now, any thing now seems possible. Any thing will be done to keep the general public in the dark. The UFO thing, is the most important secrete to keep hidden from the public. It cost John Mack's life. How about you, would you risk your life, to tell the truth? When wild humans only know three items, food, shelter, sex. bye

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