Sunday, November 23, 2008

"Who Owns Your Soul"

A few supper wealthy families believe they own your soul. The Rockefeller's, Rothschild's, DuPont's and a few others, believe they own your soul. You are no more than a slave in their minds, you the unwashed. Mankind does a good job of acting like a slave, with their need for personal lust. As soon as the slave owners can, they loan you money. Have the Jews throw some porn at you, send some moron to tell you, 'you are going to hell'. Tell you, you need a religion, to keep you safe from "God's" wrath. So the slave runs rite out and gets a car he can't afford, grabs some credit cards, with high interest rate, he'll never be able to pay off. Joins a Church, so he can look credible to the rest of society. Their you go, gave you credit, money and a "God", that really never existed. Now you are under control, next thing you'll will need is a doctor, because of all the stress you are under. I've always believed, stress will kill you faster then anything, because stress causes your illnesses. Everyone owes their soul, 'to the company store', as the old song goes. That company store, is a hand full of banks that control the slave network. Call it what you like, freedom, liberty, or what ever. In the end, you under control, through your wallet, and your choice of "Gods".

The next great lesson for mankind is.(If mankind survives) Will mankind realized they have been enslaved by a handful of the super wealthy? Mankind is more than mindless consumers, wandering through malls on their days off. Don't learn this lesson, don't pass go. Your reality has been dissolved, with a simple stroke from the "Gods". What created you, can remove just as quickly. This would appear the fate that is facing mankind to day. Like someone once said,'if these aren't the end "Times", what is'? Why else have they been painting the skies for the last three days over the metro Phoenix area. Why else, have all the media been taken over, by a handful? If these isn't all Biblical prophecies coming to pass, what else could it be? Seems all the Hopi prophecies have come to pass. All have the same ending, 'mankind can save himself'', but will he?

Been looking to see if the new president named Obama, has said any thing about bringing the troops back from Iraq? Didn't he say that's what he was going to do, if elected? Well he's been elected whats the word. (Don't understand why people waste their energy electing presidents?) Did see a photo of his generals saying he has already instructed them to start moving troops out of Iraq, to fucking Afghanistan!!! More like the generals telling him, where the troops will be. President of what, 'a dog and pony show'. Obama probably isn't even embarrassed, for playing his part in the play. Obama probably just waiting for his trip to Saudi Arabia, so he have gold chains draped around his neck. Don't the blacks love wearing big gold statements around their necks? Look at me, I'm the president of some thing. Video on You Tube, showing both Powell and Biden, warning of a impending attack on America to test Obama. Just as they starting leaking the word out, Osama and Al Qaeda was about to attack America (911). Same old bull shit, only difference this president has black skin. Other leaks saying, that some how Al Qaeda has invented a bomb that could destroy all communication systems. The very communications that keep ever human alive. They got people thinking, their lives depend on the computer to run their day to day lives. Can't find Osama or his Al Qaeda leaders dumb asses, but some how know what they have invented. All these things being put in place for the next, created attack on the lovable Americans. They probably are already making some bitch-in wrist bans saying, "God" bless America, on them. Create an enemy, then defend you from the enemy, easy money, easy money. And if you will buy this, we went to the Moon, didn't we, with your money, easy money, easy money.

If the blues are getting you down, and you can't stop worrying. Get your self a box of balsa wood sticks and sheeting. It's called a remote controlled airplane, it will take your mind of the terrible thing going on around you. Didn't realize how difficult building this little airplane was going to be. Then I realized, I'm building a real airplane, only in miniature. Has an engine, rudder, elevator, with servos to control them. Needs a brain with a battery, to control the servos, that control the engine, elevator and rudder. Has to be balanced and straight, needs a good pilot. Now I have to get a simulator, so I can learn to fly my little airplane. Have a few hundred hours building "Soul Flyer 47", don't want to wad her up, on her first flight. "God" bless and have sweet travels, with soft landings, on your, Sunday Night Dreams. bye

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