Friday, November 28, 2008

"Gobble, Gobble"

While most Americans where enjoying their feast of turkey, that same turkey was busy killing them. (gobble, gobble) Can't figure out, why you are so sleepy after a big meal of turkey? The moment any animal is killed, a solutions of deadly poisons are sent through the animals flesh. It's only defence, against larger predators that live off it's flesh. As in the Hopi first world, and Genesis in the Bible. Mankind was to be a Shepherd over the animal World, not another predator over the animal World. Until mankind wakes up to these rules of Mother Nature, they will always live in sin, while on the Planet. If this is your first step into the Universe, being a vegetarians, surely must be one of the lessons. How can mankind live with the other entities in the Universe and be an aggressor? This would make not sense. If mankind was meant to be an aggressor, they why not kill mankind off at the bud. Maybe that what's about to happen. Mankind's aggressive behavior will soon be his demise. For told is for warned, and mankind has gotten his chances to over come these un-natural instincts. Solve the World's pollution, population and hunger problems with one giant swoop, stop eating flesh.

Carnivores are always far more aggressive people then vegetarians. Vegetarians are people like Jesus, Buddha, Tesla, all Eastern Spiritual leader. A more intelligent type of soul, maybe even a different type of creature or entity. Also sent to live on Planet Earth, to learn some lessons. Never met an aggressive vegetarian, ever met an un-educated vegetarians. What does that tell you, tons. Wild humans, shitting on the other wild humans. While the vegetarian slides through, doesn't need their doctors or medicines. The vegetarian feels above them, looks down on humanity. Looks at humanity as a lower form of creation, a mistake. Carnivores, raping and plunder each other, like wild animals. While the vegetarians tends to, his garden of thoughts. Could G.W. Bush have been such a soulless bastard, if he was a vegetarian? Just another mindless carnivore roaming the Earth. No sense of a future or a past, only the moment. Like the apple in the 'Garden of Eden', mankind grabbed the moment. Now living in a World of sin, eating "God's" other creations. Has decided he is master of the local Universe. All knowing, mankind has become, just ask one of the wild animals, called humans. From top to bottom, all cut from the same DNA, and the end of that DNA, is fast approaching. Master or slave, all one big ball of thread. No place to hide, no flat piece of ground to sleep on.

It is oddly quiet the last two days. Streets are dead, no noise from the children. Went to check on dry-wallers, at a guarded community. Asked the female guard at the gate if things seem strange to her the last couple of days. She raises her arm, and points to the sky. "He's'' (Jesus) getting ready to come back, that's whats going on, she replied. I replied, can't argue that point, that's for sure. What ever the event, you want to call it, something is in the air. Today and yesterday drove home the point. Just what the hell is America celebrating, cheap gas, but no money to buy it with. Or have people gotten use to high fuel prices and driving less? I kind agree with the guard though. With folks now realizing, just how little control over the government they have. Their does look to be, something quietly brewing in the bellies of Joe average. Gun sales sky rocketing. Americans arming them self, as fast as they can. White's think of Obama as the true anti Christ. Obama giving a speech, saying America needs another police system, to help the current police. Getting the average white guy, even more upset. (Where the fuck is Hitler hiding in all these crap?) County is bankrupt, Obama the puppet wants to spend more money on a 'police state'. Jim Marrs is starting to look rite, the take over is near completion. How much more money can the system spend on military and police forces? This is total craziness, rite out of 'Roller Ball'. Citizens bailing out the banks, fighting two wars, skies filled with chem-trails, this is nuts!!!

Got some good rain, in the valley area of Phoenix finally. Friend said this is nice for a change, my answer. Lay down chem-trails for five or six days in a row, your bound to get something. Don't know for sure if this is true, but have read where it has been reported in other areas after a few days of trails. It was record setting heat, days before the trails started. Then immediately the cooling started. They where bombing the skies night and day. Couldn't even go out at night and look at the stars, too depressing. It was damn near 15 degrees above normal, for this "Time" of year. Now you have videos showing what appears to be UFOs laying down trails. (could be fakes) Brings thoughts of old Sumerian stories and the gold used to shield the Annunaki. Just wish they or who ever, would tell the citizens slaves of the World, what their doing. Found this great video, if you have ever taken Mushrooms before called. Democracy is some area 51 crap, from PracticePeace (some how the kid makes sense) Also Obama's speech on more police called. Obama's Brainwashed Antimilitia Force. fiv. bye

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