Saturday, November 29, 2008

"Hopi Dog Shrines"

The neighbour was over watching me work on, 'Soul Flyer 47' with her dog. The dog is a bull dog and is as solid as a rock. You slap him on the side and it's like hitting a block wall. Said to her, she should name him Ewa. Ewa in Hopi, means rock. When you walk around Old Oribia, their are small shrines built into the rocks for Dogs. The Hopi believe, that "God" gave them the Dogs. The Dogs where sent down for protection and to teach the Hopi some lessons. As I've written before, before the arrival of the Dog to the camp site. The Hopi had no way of knowing what was going on, beyond the light of the camp fire. With the Dogs arrival, they now knew, what was going on, beyond then camp fire. The Dog also taught them loyalty. The loyalty the dog has to it's master, was to remind the Hopi, who was providing the food and shelter for them. Just as the Dog, depends on it's master for food and shelter. The Hopi where reminded, of their duties to those above, that provided food and shelter. A simple prayer or kind thought, was all that was needed, just as your Dog respond to a smile from you. A simple lessons in life, that have been lost now. Just as Micheal Vick killed those Dogs, mankind has done the same, to the "Gods" from above. Mankind has killed, the thought of "God", from their helpless minds. As the old jazz song goes, 'where's my money and where's my "God". (Notice, money was first.) "God" has fallen from the most important fact of life, to some where on a Christmas or Easter morning thought. You kick your Dogs and kick your "God", out on the streets.

Watched a great little puppet show on You Tube called, Re:CNN report - Alien Believers, from ThemostatAgreeable. It was good for a laugh, and laughs are hard to come by these days. So as a jester of good, I saluted the fella who put it on, with a comment. Apparently, this fella was all knowing, and soon sent me an e-mail. He was stating, his all knowing mind. As always, I put "God" in parentheses, like normal for me. Not even sure why I do it, except for respect I guess. Respect for "God", "Time" and the "Aliens". Too me, they are all connected, by "Time", or "Timelessness". This fella, got down rite upset with me, for my ignorance. I got real upset with the response, because I couldn't figure out, what he even meant. Still not sure, but apparently, he is all knowing. Now the pileing on starts with another person angry at me for the "God" quotation. Who would have thought that, three little letters and a couple of parentheses could cause so much anger. Just all reinforcing, 'tell the dumb American how intelligent and healthy he is', and he buy all the bull shit you can feed him. Where are you, Jim Marrs? Does it really matter what I think any way? Apparently, to a sugar, white bread, and fluoride babies it does. Wonder if their a vegetarian?
Want to thank the lady from, ElaDawnisis site for the kind words. I responded to one of her videos on You Tube, they recommended for me. She thanked me for my comment, and asked what I knew about the "Aliens"? Responded by giving her names, used by other Cultures, through out history. Said to her, for the Hopi, it was the "Ant People", for the Sumerians it was the "Annunaki", and the Dogon tribe from Mali, Africa, they have their own name. Said I've been chasing this answer around my entire life it seems. I recommended two books, and not books about UFOs. The answer are in books like "Book of the Hopi", by Frank Waters and the Mayan "Popul Vuh". Here in these types of ancient writing lay, the answers for modern man. Not the propaganda bull shit being force feed down the citizens of the Worlds throats. The system tried to keep the "Book of the Hopi" from being printed. Their are only a handful of companies that control all literature from being published, through out the World. The "Book of the Hopi" was first printed by the United Nations library. The stories of the "Ant People" where being keep secret. The true meaning of the "Alien" agenda, is kept by the ancient stories of the Hopi people, rite here in Northern Arizona. The facts the controlling families, want hidden from the citizens of the Planet Earth. You don't need your government or your, minister,rabbi, or who ever, to tell you the answers. They have been preserved in books like the "Popul Vuh" and the "Book of the Hopi". Little facts, like every human is a unique individual, who's true journey is to move into the Universe. Not to let your soul be ripped from you, for the material World. If people could learn to learn as much as they can and pass it on, all would change. Instead of a handful, having control of the Planets true past. Jesus, Ali, Buddha and all the rest have brought knowledge, but the true knowledge is in your own mind. The "Alien" or "God" connection, has been removed from your thoughts. It's up to the individual now, to reconnect to the Universe, to their own personal journey. You are who "You" are, not somebodies elses idea of what you are. "God" bless, bye

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