Sunday, November 30, 2008


Here is a site that shows where the chem-trails are the most being effected. This site will link you to other sites that can be helpful. The citizens of the World are being poisoned on a daily bases. Even if you can't see the aircraft dispensing the chemicals, just sniff the air. You will notice a different smell in the air. Not your common freeway odors or pollution, it's a odd smell. The smell of a chemical plant or manufacturing plants, when you drive by them. Their isn't much anyone can do to stop this. The system that has started doing these operations is unknown. One thing for sure, only America has enough aircraft to do this type of World wide spraying. People making all this noise about the wars and the economy, have missed the big picture. The chem-trails in the skies is the number one priority. It's one thing to kill a few terrorist in the name of Jesus. The greater question is, how many years are being taken from citizens of the Worlds lives? By keeping the bogey man always at the average Americans doors, it keep people from seeing the big picture. Start a small fire on the edge of town. Let everyone run out and see the fire, while back home, they burn down your homes. By keeping the citizens of the World in fear of just feeding their family, they are taking millions of live away. The few at the top of the system, have decided they are "God'' and will choose who will live or who will die. Being able to keep the chem-trail problem out of the public eye, just tell you, how much control they have over the citizens of the World. It's a given, that all the media is under control in America. Think about how much effort it must take to control all the media through out the World. It appears that may have happened. It's not like, the rest of the World is standing up to the problem of the chem-trails. While the brain washed American citizen sleeps. Here in America, it's always, 'meanwhile back at the ranch, Nel's being tied up'. Another site called, Arizona Sky Watch, has a good listing of information on chem-trails over Arizona and other World wide locations.

The cattle mutilation problem is another fact that has been keep from Joe six packs mind. Like chem-trail, or UFOs, bring up cattle mutilations and wait for the laughter to begin. To me, it's the "Aliens" their cow's, in the first place. Maybe that's why in Genesis, it says,'mankind is the Shepard over the animals'. Those from the skies, are the real care takers of the cattle. A great little video on the subject is, Malevolent Aliens Abducting Cows Too, on You Tube. Rite in their with, "The Gods Must Be Crazy". All reminds me of the talk, the Half Indian gave at a MUFON meeting. He told a story about some "Alien" space vehicle being caught with human parts on board. (That's where I got up and went home to my own thoughts.) So much stuff being thrown out into the wind lately, don't know who to trust. The UFO thing I can trust, because of all my sightings with family or friends. The Rod's, I captured a photo of one, can trust that. The rest, seeing is believing. On one hand you have all theses paranormal things, drastically accelerating. On the other hand, you have a handful of folks trying like hell, to control all the others, through deceit. If three is the common rule, whats the third? 2012 a Galactic mental change, but for only a few. Like in all ancient cultures, only a few survive, to re build. This is like Nibiru, it's out their some where. Everyone you talk to, says the same thing, somethings up. Today's Non Sequitur said it all, where a little guy 10.5 million years ahead, said when asked. 'So what brings you here', his reply, 'I just wanted to observe humankind at their peak, before mass extinction event'. Just how far off is this little cartoon? Doesn't art and reality go hand in hand?

Found the information for the chem-trail centers from a comment too something on Alex Jones Channel. Love listening to Jim Marrs talk about his investigations and he is on a lot of Alex Jones programs. Jim made me realize the answers I came up from my own mind where true. While he had chased down the same answers, with his "Time" and money. Like I keep saying, all you need, is sitting on top of your neck. Try keeping as much outer influences from your mind as possible. Like a golf swing, if you think your swing is messed up now. Have every Tom, Dick, and Harry walk by and give you their advise on your swing. Soon you look like Charles Barkley swinging a club. That's exactly what the TV and media is trying to do to your mind. Throw so much garbage out their, and let you wade through the mess. Their betting eventually, you'll give up and only take in their propaganda. Look around you, looks like it's working, doesn't it? Well it's Sunday evening Sun is setting, my plants are calling. "God" bless, sweet travels, with soft landings. bye

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